OOTD: The Floral Dungarees

It’s safe to say that I’ve gone dungarees & pinafore dress’ crazy this year. I seem to have accumulated a wardrobe full of different colours and materials, yes I’m serious, denim, cord & jersey are all part of my collection. As if that wasn’t enough though, I recently saw a staff member in New Look wearing floral dungarees and I absolutely had to have them. The only problem was that they were out of stock in every single store that I checked 🙁

I searched on all the other websites that stock New Look clothing and still nothing came up. I was genuinely so gutted that I hadn’t spotted it in store sooner. Not long after I finally gave up all hope of ever finding it,  an email popped into my inbox about Amazon Prime day and I thought about whether I really wanted to sit searching through all the stuff that I didn’t really need.  Curiosity got the better of me though and boy am I glad it did because as soon as I clicked through to Amazon Prime’s deal page, there they were! The floral dungarees! In every bloody size!

Currently I’m in between a size 10 and a 12 which is the most awkward size you could be. Since I wasn’t entirely sure how they would fit it took me a while to decide which size to get. I didn’t really want to wear dungarees that were really tight on my legs because with my pear shaped body, I feel like a slightly looser fit looks better on me. With all that in mind, I decided to size up and go for a 12. They arrived the next day and I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually really thin cotton material as opposed to denim. The legs were a little bit longer than I like on my clothes so I rolled them up from the bottom. By the time I had walked to the bottom of the road the trousers had unrolled themselves so I have now tacked them with a simple stitch.

I teamed it up with this cream high neck top which is also from New Look. Finished with white converse of course. I’m currently going through a phase of finding out how many outfits in my wardrobe go with my converse. I’ve yet to find an outfit they don’t go with!

I just wanted to add that I’ve suddenly found a boost in confidence in regards to fashion blogging. I’ve always wanted to go ahead and pose and post more but my self consciousness has gotten the better of me. I haven’t yet found my go to poses or a photographer at this point but it’s a work in progress. I’m a work in progress. For now though, I feel like I’m ready to move my blog a tiny bit further and work on better content. I’m loving how my recent beauty photo‘s are coming out and can’t wait to keep on growing.


 Should dungarees just be left to children? Tell me your thoughts 🙂

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