Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Raspberry Tiramasu Review

I’m the self proclaimed queen of liquid lipsticks. I have trialled all the best and most coveted brands and on a serious level, none of them come even close to Beauty Bakerie.

Beauty Bakerie are fairly new to the beauty world but they’re whipping up quite a sweet storm! I was one of the first to get my hand on their lip whips. It had no box, no ingredients and looked very….standard. In hindsight, it was a dangerous move trying something with no ingredients on something as sensitive as my lips but being the daredevil (lol sure) that I am, I gave it a try and honestly I have not looked back since.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Raspberry Tiramasu Review

Cut to a few months later when I’ve repurchased and the Lip Whips now have cute packaging, ingredients and actual outer packaging. Hurrah! The bottle itself is a frosted, twisted plastic with a mint green cap and a rose gold ring around it. The branding is on trend and I love it! The cap unscrews and has a standard doe foot wand attached. Nothing out of the ordinary there and very straightforward to use.

Today I’m swatching Raspberry Tiramasu, a deep purple colour that looks great on all skin tones. The consistency is how a liquid lipstick should be. Not too thick or too watery, and the pigmentation is amazing. You only need one swipe of this and you’re good to go. I have tried putting on 2-3 layers to give my lips more of a vampy look. It doesn’t make the lipstick feel weird on my lips when I have done so. The formula dries completely matte and is also non drying. That being said though, the finish looks ten times better if you moisturise your lips before hand.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Raspberry Tiramasu swatch

 The lip whip is literally life proof. No exaggeration at all, it is touch proof, food proof, kiss proof and even sleep proof. Like seriously, I’ve fallen asleep with it on , showered the next morning and it’s STILL on my lips. It doesn’t bleed, feather or even flake when it’s on.

Priced at $20 a pop, they work out around £14 each – not bad at all considering you get a decent sized tube and unbelievable staying power.

The Beauty Bakerie range is currently only available online on their website. If you’re from the UK, the good news is that they do ship internationally. The bad news is that you have to pay customs.If you can get over the annoyance that is high shipping costs then I would definitely say that you 100% need the entire range in your life because trust me when I say, Lip Kits got nothing on Lip Whips.

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