5 Things that made me happy this week

This week has dragged it’s ass off. Seriously, I’ve been counting down the days Since Monday. Anyway we made it, hurrah! This Sunday I’m sharing with you 5 things that really made me happy.

1. I saw a man reading on the train and he was reading a library book. Like one that he had actually checked out from a library. I remember going to libraries so often as a child with my sister and it made me feel so pleased that people still do this and don’t rely solely on kindles and phones to read books. I felt some serious nostalgia and have decided to join a library too.

2. Bae sent me flowers because I’ve been sick with a sinus infection and they were just perfect. Allllll of the heart eyed emoji’s. They made my entire week and I’m now in love with Bloom & Wild flowers. It’s such a cool concept, especially for those who work and aren’t home to pick up parcels.

3. The “clients” that I work with in the refuge bought me chocolates and cupcakes. Two of my favourite things in the world! It was so overwhelmingly touching, and the fact that they said they don’t know what they would do without me was just so touching. It almost melted my heart of ice.

4. My nephew who is two years old greets me every day with the warmest welcome ever when I get in from work. He shouts “It’s Rosie!!!” with so much excitement and gives me the biggest hug. He generally does this for no one else, so it makes me feel extra special. He’s going away to Dubai for 10 days today and as much as I wish him a wonderful holiday, I will miss him wayyy too much.

5. Two of my absolute fave blogs ever, The Olive Fox and Zusterschap both got shortlisted for the UK Blog awards! Seriously, if you don’t read and follow them already then what are you even doing with your life?? Huge congrats to them both and I will definitely be voting for them to be winners (and you should too!)

Reflecting on the small things really make a huge difference. I want to do this so regularly that it becomes completely natural to me. Recognising the things that make you happy really help to filter out all the unnecessary negative feelings. This week I’ve felt truly loved and appreciated and honestly, there’s no better feeling. What things have made you happy this week?

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