Mesh Over Denim Styling

This week I’ve been completely on trend and I’m even going to go as far as saying I’ve totally been rocking it. Mesh over denim is the casual grunge look that literally anyone can pull off. I first noticed this look whilst browsing the Topshop website and I came across these amazing jeans attached to a tulle skirt. I had come over all heart eyed and knew I had to recreate this look somehow because I wasn’t about to spend £46 on a pair of jeans!

mesh over denim

Since I already have a pair of blue skinny jeans (also from Topshop!) I decided it was unnecessary to splash out on yet another pair. Instead I went on the hunt for a mesh skirt. It actually didn’t take me long at all because on my next shopping trip I discovered that New Look were selling a very similar tiered mesh midi skirt that would look fantastic on top of some jeans!

The New Look Skirt was priced at just £14.99 and so of course I bought it. I went home that day and sought out a pair of blue denim jeans that weren’t too dark to get lost under the denim and not too light either. Next I had a quick rummage to see what I could style it with.

mesh over denim

After lots of tops being thrown about my room, I decided to stay super casual with my outfit and teamed it up with a basic black polo neck t-shirt.I threw on my white converse and I was ready to go.

You’ll have to excuse the overly contrasted picture, the denim just wasn’t picking up on my iPhone so I had to go in hard with the exposure! Here are some more “normal” photos.

mesh over jeans

mesh and jeans trend

I love that the skirt is really flow and doesn’t stick to my jeans. Initially I was worried that I would look huge as I don’t have very skinny legs but honestly I think it looks great.

So far I’ve worn this mesh skirt twice already and it’s so versatile. I can definitely see myself wearing it over a number of things so if you follow me on instagram be warned, there’s going to be a ton of these outfits headed your way!

Transitional dressing is tough. Let’s face it, who isn’t bored of the same old jeans and tee year after year. I’m definitely loving this trend and can’t wait to see how my new skirt looks over a pair of mom jeans next!

What do you think of this trend?


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