Jungle Braai Review

Ah, Brick Lane, the infamous bustling bohemian hub famous for its curry houses, independent galleries and alternative cultures. After an afternoon of perusing the vintage stalls, I realised that my stomach was rumbling and I could do with a pig out. It was too early for me to grab a curry so I decided on grilled food instead. This could only mean I’d be returning to an old favourite of mine – Jungle Braai

The South African inspired restaurant has a vast menu containing beef, lamb, and chicken. A meat lover’s BBQ heaven! All the meats are marinated in flavours that leave them succulent and flavoursome. The restaurant is also HMC certified so that means it’s all assuringly halal and meets hygiene standards.

The atmosphere is great because once you’re inside, you don’t notice the hustle and bustle just outside the doors. It’s a family friendly restaurant too which is another plus. As with most restaurants on Brick Lane, it’s quite small and so the tables are pretty close together. Still, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s nice to sit in and the tables and cutlery are clean. Sticky tables are a huge pet peeve of mine and luckily, Jungle Braai had brilliant hygiene standards. The decor is minimalistic with a few South African inspired pieces of “art” and of course the flag. Nothing to brag home about but nothing weird or hideous either.

Now on to the good stuff. On the chef’s recommendations we ordered Zulu Beef burgers and Chicken Skewers. The Zulu Burgers come with three onion rings on top but I’d still recommend you still get a side dish. It’s a double burger so it’s very filling and tastes lovely. I’ve had chicken skewers before and previously really enjoyed them. This time however the chicken was extremely tough so not so great. Can’t go wrong with Peri Peri chips though! The skewers also comes with a wrap and salad. Well I say salad but it was a spoonful  of lettuce. Next time I think I would ask that they leave out the tortilla wrap and give me more salad instead.

All in all, it still remains as one of my favourite restaurants on Brick Lane. There’s always something that I want to try out; and judging by this restaurant, Americans have got competition, as clearly South African’s know a thing or two about Braai/Barbecuing!

Address: 28 Osborn Street, London E1 6TD

Phone:020 7247 0073

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