This Week In Outfits: 1

I can honestly say that I’m one of those people that has a wardrobe which is bursting at it’s hinges and yet I will still wear the same 4 outfits over and over again.  I just can’t help it and to make it even worse, I still continue to buy new clothes!

I decided to start this ‘week in outfits’ series so that I would be more accountable for all the clothing that I own. I feel like if I’m documenting it then I’d experiment and wear things I haven’t worn in a while. At least that’s the plan!

So let’s get started!

Sunday 9th:

Today was my cousins engagement party so I dug out this Nasty Gal dress. It’s so comfy and perfect for a dressy but not too dressy occasion. Really thin, silky material so perfect for the warm weather too.

Note to future Rosie: Heels are not for you. Even if they’re wide fit. Don’t do it.

British Asian Fashion Blogger

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Tuesday 11th:

I received a delivery from Na-Kd fashion this morning. I loved the ‘Good Vibes’ tee so much that I put it on right away.

Decided to go matchy matchy and dug out some pink culottes too. Much fashion, Such Tumblr.

British Asian Fashion Blogger

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Wednesday 12th:

Busy day ahead of me today with proper meetings with scary people. Decided on this H&M dress that was a bargain at £8 last season. I just knewwww leopard print was coming back and it did! I also only just realised now (6 months later) that it’s a size 16.

Still obsessed with these H&M loafers too. And it’s the first time I’m bringing out the trench this year too. Hello Autumn, I see you.

British Asian Fashion Blogger

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Thursday 13th:

It’s the first real crisp morning today. I’m running late and didn’t plan out an outfit the night before so I grabbed my NASA jumper and black jeans accordingly.

The sparkly slip on trainers are actually from Dune. They were a completely justified bargain and make an otherwise very casual outfit, really very fabulous. They’re from last year but Dune still have a similar pair linked below.

British Asian Fashion Blogger

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Friday 14th:

It’s my day off today and I’m headed to Bicester Village to get my shop on. Woop WOOP!

I decided to wear the second thing I was sent from NA-KD Fashion today. Partly because I needed my friend to take outfit photos for me and partly because it’s such a beautiful jumper. I was too busy shopping to take photos for this post but proper outfit pics will be up in a post this week.

Damzel In This Dress

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You may have noticed Monday is missing lol. For the life of me I couldn’t remember what I wore and I completely forgot to take a pic. Whoops! Hopefully next week I will take one every day of the week. Unless I’m just lounging around in PJs then I guess probably not!

Which outfit was your fave?


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