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Finally, Zara’s not-so baby sister has hailed the UK and opened it’s very first branch in Westfield (Stratford) in late August. Why I’m only just finding this out, I do not know, but after a quick look at their website I have decided that I basically need everything in their store – bar a few odd pieces.

Since I’m counting down the seconds to pay day, I thought I’d distract myself and kill some time by making a wishlist and most probably a shopping list of what I’ll buy in 259200 seconds time (that’s 3 days for normal people).

Here are my top 4 must-have’s for Autumn this year.

1. Tricot Cardigan (Available in 3 colours
2. Wide Leg Culottes

3. Elasticated Push Up Trousers

I loveee this rust cardigan, it’s perfect for Autumn and since I refuse to wear the colour brown, this is closest i’ll get to finding a neutral cardigan that will go with most things. Plus, elasticated cuffs are even better on those icy days when the cold creeps up your sleeves – or is that just me?

2. I have been looking for black culottes for months! They make a subtle change from wearing a black skirt and give you an instant edge to your look. Teamed with opaque tights you’re good to go.

3. I’m so sick of leggings at the moment and sometimes jeans just don’t cut it, so these elasticated trousers are perf! They come in a range of colours but I’ve decided I like the tan best (thats not brown right????!!) best. The contrasted turn up detail also looks fantastic. Not to mention, elasticated anything is always good!

4. Lastly, the jersey jumper with a quilted design is such a yummy colour, how could you not like it. It does however come in three other colours if raspberry isn’t your thing. It looks great for layering for the crazy weather days.

Do you have Stradivarius near you? What do you think of their clothes? Do you like my picks? How would you wear them?

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