B.Complete Longlasting Nail Polish Review

I had never heard of this brand until I received it in my Glossybox a good few months back. 

When I was a subscriber, I always liked to do a little research into the brands I hadn’t heard of and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Superdrug had made the decision to rival No7 by Boots and start up their own collection called B. 

I did read somewhere on the world wide web that “B is aimed at women aged 25 to 54, and is designed to simplify the process of buying beauty products. For example, rather than categorising products by age, it defines them by skin phases, such as ‘dry’ or ‘tired’.

In all honestly, I’m not sure I’m convinced with their marketing strategy, it’s really not all that hard to know your age and pick a product. Still, kudos to them for making it far enough to have their own line. 

Going back to my Glossybox product, I’ll be perfectly honest and say that when I saw the B long lasting nail varnish I was less than thrilled. I was now the proud owner of a nail colour called 178 Moleskin. Lovely.

Upon closer inspection it looked….brown. I don’t wear brown. Ever.

This simply would not do amidst my collection of nice nudes and really really nice reds. So I tossed it aside…well, it was more of a placed carefully at the back of my collection.

Cut to about 4 months later when I was having a spring clean a few nights ago and I came across it again. Why not give it a try I thought? what was it that Drake once said? YOLO was it?

After giving it a go, I have to say, I’m a B. Complete long lasting nail convert! 

The nail varnish went on smoothly with no weird streaks. The consistency was great, nice and creamy without being too gloopy. There was a nice shine to my newly varnished nails and to my surprise, the colour is so unusual that I actually love it!

Have you tried B products? Do you think they could beat No7? What do you think of my moleskin nails? Does anyone even like Brown…like seriously?

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