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Skincare can be confusing. There’s always unpronounceable words thrown around that we’ve never heard of and it can be daunting trying to figure out what works for you. Luckily I have found just the solution for you. Q+A is a natural, clean and ingredient focused skincare brand on a mission to demystify skincare. They understand that skincare products can be confusing, so their mission is to simplify skincare and explain your skin needs through a unique Q+A checklist. 

Q+A were very kind enough to send me a few products and I’m SO excited to try them out. Here’s a quick run down of what they do and my thoughts after using them for a month.

Q+A Niacinamide Daily Toner 

First up the product I was most excited about and could not wait to start using – Niacinamide Daily Toner.
If you’ve read my post on 6 reasons why your skin needs Niacinamide then you’ll know, I’m a BIG fan of this super ingredient. One of the biggest reasons is because it really helps me is because it helps to improve the texture of my skin. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) also helps to regulate sebum, which means my acne is kept at bay. If like me you suffer from breakouts then I really do recommend that you try and incorporate into your skincare routine.

I love that the ingredients list on the Q + A Niacinamide Daily Toner isn’t lengthy and full of unnecessary ingredients. I was also happy to see that one of the top ingredients is Aloe, which means it’s going to soothe my skin and help the redness following breakouts. There is barely any scent which I’m 100% here for and it’s very easy to spread across the face. It does leave the face slightly tacky once it’s dried but it’s not a problem because it’s always followed with a moisturiser which takes care of that.

How I use it:
I initially started off using a cotton pad to swipe the toner across my face but then I learnt that using your fingers can be more beneficial. There’s no right or wrong way so I have been alternating between the two. If my skin is particularly oily or I have worn makeup during the day I will use a cotton pad as it sweeps off any extra oils/dirt that I may have missed when cleansing. In the mornings however I love to use my fingers to gently tap on the toner. It can get tricky as the toner has a very runny consistency but not impossible!

In 4 weeks of continuous use I have noticed a considerable difference. The blemishes left behind from older spots have reduced significantly or even faded away completely. I am considering posting before and after pics because we all love them but my confidence levels at the moment are holding me back ha. Perhaps once I’ve worked my way through the entire bottle I’ll post the difference. I’m hoping it’s going to continue working becauseI genuinely feel like there has been an improvement to the texture of my skin too which is a big issue for me.

Where to buy > Q+A Niacinamide Daily Toner

Q+A Zinc PCA Facial Serum

Serums can be a little bit hard to fit into your skincare if you’re not well versed in an extensive skincare routine but if there ever is one to get, my god, it is this one. The Q+A Zinc PCA Facial Serum contains a unique blend of Zinc PCA, and Reishi & Shiitake Mushrooms. These extracts are designed to help minimise pore size and improve the appearance of blemish-prone skin.

Whilst I’m not too sure about the ‘minimising of pores’ claim, I am excited to see how the Zinc PCA improves the way my skin looks.

Why you need it:
If you have oily, acne-prone skin, Zinc PCA is one of the actives that you NEED. 

Sounds complex? So what is it. Essentially it’s two amazing ingredients Zinc and L-PCA which work together to naturally help acne. The Zinc part is there to help normalize sebum production and limit the proliferation of evil acne-causing bacteria. L-PCA stands for pyrrolidone carboxylic acid and it’s a key molecule in the skin that helps with processes of hydration and energy (it’s actually an NMF, a natural moisturizing factor).

Where most brand will try and ‘dry out’ your spots this does the opposite and in short – is way better. 

How to use it:
The bottle is very conveniently a glass bottle with a pipette. This makes it really easy to drop some of the product directly on to you face ready to be massaged in. It is essentially a serum so the consistency is slightly thicker than the toner. It’s very easy to work into the skin using your fingers.

Q+A have said that this serum can be used in place of a moisturiser or before one. Since my skin isn’t overly dry I’m going to be using this instead of.
Update: Ok so since I have a lot more time on my hands I’ve been trying to do a full 10 step routine and *most* days I use this followed by a light moisturiser.

Admittedly I didn’t use this as quickly as I started using the toner. I was unsure of how to fit it into my routine and I was worried about introducing too many ingredients to my skin. In hindsight though, I needn’t have worried because the past two weeks that I have been using it, my skin has taken to it really well. My skin feels very hydrated and I feel like it’s playing a huge part in getting rid of the marks left behind by spots. It’s still early days and I will update once I’ve worked my way through the bottle.

Where to buy > Q+A Zinc PCA Facial Serum

Q+A Collagen Face Cream

I’m happy to report that this face cream is 100% vegetarian! With ingredients that are found in animals and humans, it is difficult to know for sure where things are derived from but Q + A have made it super clear that no animals were harmed in the making of this little beauty.

Some of the Key ingredients that make this product great are:
Seaweed derived Collagen Peptide to help make skin appear plumper and youthful.
Magnesium PCA helps to energise and revitalise the skin.
Shea Butter to nourish and soften even the driest skin.

As expected the Collagen face cream is a very rich moisturiser. It’s creamy and quite thick but very easy to rub into your face. I’m not a huge fan of very thick moisturisers but this one is thick enough to ensure my skin is fully hydrated without feeling heavy. I love that there is no residue once it’s dried down. It does have a distinct smell which took me some time to get used to. Nothing overpowering and it doesn’t last long, it’s just not the usual floral smells that most creams tend to have these days.

Honestly, I wish I could say I look 10 years younger but at present it’s difficult to tell what the collagen is doing. I can however confirm that it is a wonderful moisturiser. The shea butter really does make a difference and the dry patch on my forehead is nowhere to be seen. I’m really hoping this cream continues to work well with my skin because it’s one of the easiest anti-aging moisturises to use. No fuss and lots of the good stuff in the ingredients list!

Where to buy > Q+A Collagen Face Cream

Final thoughts

Q+A as a brand look fresh and exciting and the products they’re bringing to the table are much needed. They make things that can get frustrating to look into (trust me I know!), really simple and the best part is that they’re really affordable. I haven’t found any complaints from any of the 3 products which is rare.

If you have acne prone skin, I really recommend giving the 3 products above a try and incorporating them into your skincare routine. Would love to see the difference they make for you!

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