Q+A Niacinamide Toner Review with Photos

I though that I would do a Q+A Niacinamide Toner Review because I posted up my thoughts and results on Instagram a few weeks ago and I’m still getting questions about it today.

Q+A Daily Niacinamide Toner

So if you’re wondering what the brand is about read my Q+A skincare review here. They’re a fairly new brand but so far, it seems like the brand is extremely well thought out, from aesthetics to ingredients.

I have been trying out the Q+A Niacinamide daily toner for roughly 5 weeks now. I use it twice a day in the am and pm, bar the odd occasion when I think I need to use my usual toner.

All I do is using a cotton pad I swipe it across my face, then patting it on on the areas that have the most pigmentation.

What results have you seen?

I have recently started taking before and after photos when I use products to see if there is a visible difference and I was so shocked at the results I achieved. I haven’t adjusted anything else in my skincare except the toner so I don’t think there would be anything else that has contributed to such a huge change.

I’m a huge advocate of incorporating niacin amide into skincare anyway (you might have seen my post 6 reasons why your skin needs niacinamide.

The toner is SO easy to use and incorporate into your everyday routine and I think it’s one of the reasons I’ve stuck to using it.

Would you recommend the Q+A Niacinamide Toner? Wholeheartedly yes.

Would you purchase it again? I’m just about to finish my bottle and I’ve already got a replacement on the way!

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