NARS Creamy Concealer Macadamia Review and Swatch

I’ve always really really wanted to like NARS creamy concealer. It’s SO many people’s favourite concealer but I couldn’t get on board with it because in truth, I just couldn’t find my shade.

Most Asians use either ‘Custard’ or ‘Ginger’ as their go-to shade but one was too yellow and the other too orange for me. I needed a shade that covered the darkness without looking too heavy in the under eye area for me. My face isn’t evenly tone when it comes to skin tone and my under eye area can sometimes get pretty dark. A salmon/peach colour corrector usually does wonders for me.

NARS Macadamia

This year NARS **finally** heard my prayers and came out with some new shades for their Creamy Concealer range. In line with their previous food named shades, these new ones are called:

–      CAFÉ CON LECHE – Light with yellow undertones
–      MARRON GLACÉ – Light yellow for light to medium complexion
–      TIRAMISU – Medium with pink undertones
–      SUCRE D’ORGE – Medium dark with yellow undertones
–      WALNUT – Medium dark with golden undertones
–      TRUFFLE – Medium dark with golden red undertones
–      MACADAMIA – Medium with a peachy undertone

Straight away, without even seeing and testing swatches, I knew that it was going to be a toss up between Tiramisu and Macadamia.

Now I know that technically Macadamia wasn’t part of their new shade releases. It was released randomly at some point last year and honestly I feel like it’s such a slept on shade. If you’re Asian and you have dark circles, peach toned correctors are going to do WONDERS for you.

After my awful experience with NARS sales assistants in selfridges, I decided to order online and hope for the best. After checking swatches online and seeing the placement of the shade Mmacadamia” in between Custard and Ginger, I knew it was going to work for me and ordered it right away. Thank the lord for ASOS Premier next day delivery!

NARS Macadamia 1.5

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the glass cylindrical square tube and doe foot wand. The wand makes it really really easy to apply, especially in the corners of the eyes, without any mess or fuss.

This concealer is definitely medium to full coverage and it is crazy pigmented. The consistency is, yep you guessed it, really creamy. It applies like a dream and doesn’t drag. It’s also pretty easy to build up the coverage by patting it on using the wand.  The concealer is a dewy finish so it does need to be set, especially if like me, you have some under eye creasing. Without letting it dry properly and using a powder, it does crease.

Also, because of the dewy finish, I find that it takes quite a while for it to dry but once it has set, it doesn’t budge. It even withstands my watery eyes. I’m literally amazed every single day.

NARS creamy concealer Macadamia swatch

NARS Macadamia swatch with maybelline instant age rewind

For the purpose of comparisons, I have tried it out next to Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Eye concealer in shade Nude. I think the Maybelline concealer is a fantastic creamy high street alternative but looking at them side to side I can now see exactly why sometimes the darkness still shows through and ends up looking slightly grey – it’s just not peach toned enough. With NARS however I don’t get this problem at all. I haven’t edited the swatch pictures at all so you can get a real look at the shades.

It’s priced at £24 but ASOS always has some sort of promo on so you’ll always get something off. It is of course triple the price but in all honestly, I would pay it for a product if it’s worth it.

You can buy your very own concealer here.

I mean, you know a product is great when not one but 3 people comment on how well rested you look on the day you try it out.

I honestly really love the NARS Creamy Concealer and can see myself going through tubes and tubes of this! Definitely recommend it.






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