Luna Drive In Cinema Review

Like most people, I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a drive in cinema. Grease and all the other American films made it look so cute so when I was offered the chance to go to the Luna Drive In Cinema, you bet I didn’t even think twice before saying yes.

I put my experience up on my Instagram Story and had an influx of questions of how it was and how it works so hopefully I can answer everyone’s questions here.

Luna drive in cinema review

How does it work?

Ok so you go to the Luna Drive In cinema website and pick a location. They’re very well placed and have 8 different locations across the nation, with two of them being in London. We picked Allianz Park which is not too far from Hendon/Middlesex Uni.

Once that’s decided, you pick the film you want to watch and select how many people will be in the car. There are 3 options for you to choose. The VIP ticket gives you the chance to watch the screening from the luxury of a bed of a fully decked out Mitsubishi L200 truck. The truck has been placed in prime position, filled with duvets, pillows and blankets for the ultimate in comfort and you’ll even get a hamper of food and drink to enjoy throughout the screening. It costs £80 for two people. Personally I think this is extortionate and although the pick up truck looks cute, it’s just not worth it. Plus the trucks are actually parked to the side so you’re not even centre screen.

The Gold Circle tickets are the next option which we were lucky enough to get. They offer you the first two rows of the screen with amazing views of the screen. You only have the option to have 2 people in your car for this.
Personally I think this is cheeky and they could have easily allowed 3 people. Ticket price is £45 per car.

Lastly there is General Admission priced at £35 per car where you can have up to 5 people in. It literally is on a first come first served basis, with larger cars being placed at the back.

What happens when I get there?

As you drive in, you’re handed a speaker to place in your car. It’s almost like a radio that plays the sound through it. You don’t need to worry about your own radio or aux working at all. The sound is clear and the volume can be adjusted.

You’re also handed a leaflet with instructions on how to order food and a WhatsApp number in case you need any (socially distanced) assistance.

Can I bring my own snacks?

Yes! You don’t need to sneak anything in, they’re more than happy for you to bring in your own snacks and food to the films. So if you’d prefer to bring snacks or a full on meal, the option is there.

Luna drive in cinema review

If you would rather food be served to you then that’s available too. You log on to the dedicated website which is given to you with your speaker and you can order hot and cold drinks or wood fired pizza and fries.

I tried a mocha to begin with (coffees are supplied from Tiki Tonga coffee) and it was lovely and then we later ordered Wood fired pizzas which were also really good!

Overall how was it?

Honestly, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It’s definitely not something I would do every week and yes it is pricey considering it’s your own car but you’re paying for the experience itself. I love that I don’t have to sit next to strangers and don’t have to hear other people talking throughout. The fact that the sound is adjustable is ideal (I hate loud sound!) and being served freshly cooked sourdough pizza and iced coffees to the car was a massive hit with me.

If you’re looking for a socially distanced day or evening out, this is 100% perfect.

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