Loafer Mules – The New Trend For The Busy City Girl

When the Gucci Fur lined backless loafer hit the shelves, I must admit I was slightly horrified. Fur…on your feet. What is this madness?!

As the trend trickled down into the hughstreet and I saw more and more of them, I realised I had judged this shoe style way too soon. Ok fur on shoes is still wrong but loafer mules were pretty amazing.

Asos loafer mules

The loafer mule is the mullet of office shoes: business in the front and party in the back.

Whether you’re running off to the office or heading out to dinner, this hybrid style was made for the city girl. Since I’m a London girl through and through, they were definitely made for me. No more faffing around with laces or hobbling in uncomfortable heels. Just effortless chic.

I began imagining all the outfit (that I didn’t yet have) that I could wear the shoes with and I was sold. I knew exactly the style that I was looking for – Black, real leather with some sort of gold detailing. Now all I had to do was find them!

leather Loafer mules

Luckily I didn’t have to search too far because as always ASOS saved the day. These stunning ASOS Movie Leather Mule Loafers are perfect for my wide feet because they have a square toe. The upper is 100% real leather so they will stretch a little bit and mould to my feet.

I’m so so delighted with my stylish purchase! The mules are so comfortable and seriously practical. I’ll be styling them with both smart trousers and probably my staple black jeans too. I can’t wait to show you all!


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