Liman Restaurant Review

Recently I’ve been to a lot of Turkish restaurants and in all honesty I’m probably going to be going to a lot more in the near future too. I just can’t get enough! I love the grilled meats and best of all the variety when it comes to vegetarian options. What I don’t necessarily always love is that nearly every restaurant has the same dishes on the menu though – thank god I actually like the food!

So this week an old friend and I decided we’d head out for a quick light lunch – nothing too heavy as we had a day full of walking ahead. Since we were meeting in North London she said we should finally go to Liman as we’d both had heard great things for quite some time now.

Liman Restaurant

Liman Restaurant

Liman is located in a quiet road which is about 10-15 minutes walk from Angel station. Having worked in the area, it was pretty easy to locate but not necessarily a restaurant you’d come across on your travels, as it’s on a quiet main road.

On first impressions, I loved the homely feel of the restaurant, the rustic/kitsch decor was cute. It’s quite a small restaurant so if you’re heading here for dinner I’d probably recommend calling ahead and booking a table. Luckily we were heading there during the day so by the time we arrived they were still serving the lunch menu options (£7.50 for two courses!!) – at that price who could say no!

Liman Restaurant

Liman Restaurant

Liman Restaurant

Now my one gripe with the restaurant is that about 80% of Turkish restaurants will offer bread and dips whilst you decide on what you’re ordering. I was disappointed that Liman wasn’t one of them. Since I was craving the bread, I decided to order hummus to begin with and then a falafel wrap for my main.

My friend ordered falafel’s for starters and Shish Tavuk as a main. I have to say the food was presented really well. It’s probably the best looking plate of falafel wrap I’ve ever been served!

The restaurant chef confirmed that their meat/chicken is halal certified too.

The waitress was very friendly and initially tried to seat us away from the door due to a cold wind as the door kept opening, which I thought was really thoughtful. I was having hot flushes due to my rushing around so was ok with sitting by the door. As the wind grew stronger the restaurant the door kept opening slightly, so my friend got up to close the door a few times. The waitress (without us asking!) was kind enough to actually notice and lock the door to stop it opening with the wind. I really liked that the waitress went out of her way for us.

The food came out in great time and it definitely looked like it had all been made fresh. The highlight though was definitely the actual taste of the food. Both the chicken and the falafels were really well seasoned and well cooked. It was the first time in a long time that I wanted to lick my plate clean! Considering the amount we were paying and the size of the portions, it was definitely value for money.

A rising trend I’ve seen in Turkish restaurants is they use fancy trinket boxes to present the receipt to you. Liman went with their rustic theme and the box was a carved wooden box.

All in all, great food, service, price and ambience – a real hidden gem! Definitely one to recommend if you’re a fan of Turkish food.

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