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This is a bit of a rant post but I feel it’s completely justified. So last week sometime I was wondering around on Oxford Street and I decided to go into Miss Selfridge. Since there is still sale on, it was pretty manic and I remembered my hate for people in my personal space; just when I turned to leave I saw a lovely big sign above two racks labelled ‘Vintage’. 

Having watched Dawn O’Porter’s new program on vintage clothing, I was keen on getting something pre-loved into my wardrobe, so naturally I was immediately drawn to it. 

I was even more delighted when I saw that they were all kimono’s. I had been looking to purchase another all back one, as the one that I currently had was getting so much use. It was almost like fate, there, amongst all the beautiful beaded garments, there was a black one – in my size!

I tried it on and I knew I had to purchase it. A vintage piece? at £75? I would be mad not to.

So off I walked from Miss Selfridge directly next door into Topshop feeling pretty chuffed at my purchase. I love looking at the concessions in Topshop so off I wandered to have a browse when I came across the brand “Peekaboo Vintage”. I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was a rack exactly like the one I had just seen with EXACTLY the same kimono’s.

Image from the Peekaboo Vintage website

I understand both stores are part of the Arcadia group and understandably they may share some stock at times, why wouldn’t they. My gripe is, at the fact that the item I had bought was in fact NOT vintage and it had been mis-sold.  

If I hadn’t seen the label that clearly states that it is a vintage piece, I wouldn’t have felt so deceived. 

I actually really love the kimono so I wouldn’t have wanted to return it…not that I would’ve been able to, since these ‘vintage’ pieces are non refundable but I feel it’s unfair to advertising something that is clearly incorrect.

In addition to all of that, I went home and inspected my kimono. It looked like it was in mint condition (not complaining there at all), however I did notice that the label had been taken off of it. Not sure if that was to add to the authenticity of making it seem like it was something it’s not or the fact that they just didn’t want customers to know it was from Peekaboo vintage.

I completely understand the hype around vintage pieces. There’s something special about an item that has been around longer than you have  however I think brands and stores alike should be very careful about what they class as vintage and how they advertise products.

If an item is made anytime after the 80s (and for some people it’s even further back in time) it is NOT classed as vintage. Be very wary of brands that stock lots of the item in all sorts of sizes. These items may be “vintage inspired” and not actual vintage.

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