Ew, you Feminist.

I’m really disappointed that today I had someone that I know really well, a female might I add, say to me: “Oh yeah, you’re one of those feminists“. I couldn’t quite comprehend how to take this sentence. Should I be flattered that she knows I value women’s rights? Should I be offended that she may have meant it as an insult? Or worse, appalled that she was ok with being labelled as the inferior race? 

Before you read on, I want it to be clear that this is my bit of space on the internet where I can write whatever I want. I am entitled to my own views and opinions. That being said, my take on being a so called feminist is this:

Men and women are not equal. More specifically, we are not equal because we are made differently, wired differently, have different thresholds and well, just different. However I do believe that regardless of what we can and can’t do, we should have equal opportunities to do the same things. People shouldn’t be made to do something just because of gender specific societal rules.

Feminism isn’t about man-hating or imposing our insistence that females are a superior race. It should be about celebrating women as a whole and supporting activists to ensure that you as a woman are given the opportunities to excel in life.

If it wasn’t for feminists ancestors who stood up for their rights, who knows we might still be stuck in  a kitchen, unable to have a real education or go out and get a real job. Don’r get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being a housewife or a homemaker but what’s important is having that choice.

As much as I feel like I’m stating the obvious here, I will still say it. Feminists are not lesbians, they’re not men-hates and they’re definitely not something to be sneered at or looked down upon. Stand up for your beliefs, who you are and more importantly for your daughters. Who knows what kind of things they’ll be faced with. Empower them, teach them strength but most importantly, teach them what it means to be a real female.



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