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Just weeks after the Aashni & Co wedding show, I was hungry for more glamour. I totally get the premise of why Aashni & Co even set up their boutique. India’s designers need to be more accessible, and why not? We all secretly wish we had Aishwarya Rai’s wardrobe at some point, but what about real British Asian designers? Raw home grown talent. Who else would understand our lifestyle, culture and tastes better than a Brit, right?
As part of my new series, I want to feature UK based talent that really stand out to me.

Today I’m super excited to introduce to you all Ayush Krejiwal. An up and coming brand, from a multi-talented entrepreneur, who funnily enough also goes by the name Ayush Krejiwal.

When I first saw his collection, I was awestruck. For me, it reflected all my favourite things about Bollywood and my favourite era. I don’t know whether it was the simplicity of the classic outfits or because one of the models reminded me so much of Sharmila Tagore, either way I was impressed.
It’s so refreshing to see that someone has finally stepped away from the gowns dripping in bling and bought back timeless statement outfits.

The style of the brand reminds me of a mix between Satya Paul and Masaba, but a lot less new-age and much more modern vintage. I feel it truly celebrates Indian culture and heritage with it’s fusion of colours and prints. One of the most appealing aspects of Ayush Kejriwal designs is that they’re modest without having to compromise on glamour.

The brand speaks volumes in a market saturated with copies of heavily embellished designer pieces. Ayush can be seen saying over and over again, it’s not about trends or fashion, it’s about style. My personal opinion is Indian culture is getting lost with the sometimes seemingly desperate need to be westernised. Perhaps my upbringing in the west has allowed me to appreciate the classic style that came with Indian heritage and classic Bollywood.

As it turns out Ayush is a really friendly guy and I managed to get a quick interview with the man himself.

Q1.Tell us a bit about Ayush Kejriwal as a brand. How did it come to be?
The brand aims to deliver design aesthetics with charm, wit and a craftsmanship, which finds a timeless audience. Bringing you feminine, classic, unique clothes with an aura of enduring cool. This carefully curated design platform counterbalances old and new styles to craft a wonderfully alluring whole. The brand caters for women who want to look sharp, sexy and smart.

It is all about simple beautiful clothes. It is truly cross-cultural and combines a philosophical design aesthetic with a rigorous process. Ayush Kejriwal strongly believes that the ultimate empowerment is to wear something incredibly simple! One thing the brand does not do is FASHION.

Q2. What inspired your latest collection?
I recently was in a flee market in London and it had a bohemian gypsy feel to it, that is what made me want to make clothes with clashing prints, loud colours and mix-matched concepts. It’s very bazar like!

Q3. How did you get into fashion designing?
i have no clue, i don’t do fashion , for me its only about style. I have never been trained in fashion, I have studied International Marketing.

Q4.What advice would you give others that hope to follow in your career path?
Don’t be afraid of breaking the rules. One should just go ahead and make what they like and people will find you.

Q5. If you could have one celebrity (past or present) as the face of your designs, who would it be and why?
Rekha, as to me she is the most beautiful women in the WORLD.

Q6. Which is your favourite peice that you have designed?
Oh there are well to many!

Q7. Who is your favourite designer?

Q8. Any style advice for our readers?
Don’t worry about Fashion, all that matters is style and that too your personal style.

Q9. What kind of woman does your collection cater for?
Women who are not trend followers but the one who create trends. Women who are comfortable in their own skin and not bothered about what is in and out. Women who believe in style and not fashion.

Q10. Do you create bespoke designers if requested?
If you ask nicely, I just might 🙂

To get one of your very own designs and/or want to get in touch with him regarding purchases, you can do so using the social media channels below:

Phone/What’s App/Text: 00447840384707
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ayushkejriwalbyayush
Twitter: @byayushkejriwal
Instgram: @designerayushkejriwal
Tumblr: @ayushkejriwal

What do you think of Ayush Kejriwal?



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