Dr Organic Rose Otto Creamy Face Wash Review

Whilst I waited for my usual face wash to arrive (review on my holy grail face wash coming soon!) I needed a quick fix. I wanted a gentle face wash that wasn’t a balm cleanser and preferably something I hadn’t tried before. Whilst picking up my toothpaste in Holland and Barrett I saw the Dr Organic Range and on a whim grabbed the Rose Otto Creamy Face Wash.

The first thing the cashier said to me was “OMG I love this face wash, it’s worked so well for my skin” and she sung it’s praises about how her breakouts were under control and that she was on her second tube. By the time I left the store I was thinking, wow she’s either a great sales girl or this is a really good product. I could not wait to try it for myself.

Dr Organics Creamy Face Wash

Dr Organics Rose Otto Creamy Face Wash

First things first, the outer packaging is great. It’s informative without being too overbearing. One of the first things that led me to pick it up was the fact that it says it’s paraben, sulfate, alcohol AND silicone free. It also mentions that the product is softening and rejuvenating. Pretty much everything you could want in a face wash.

The packaging of the face wash is just a regular tube with a flip cap. Nothing fancy but very functional.

The smell is of course a rose scent but it’s not strong at all. Thank god really, as rose is not one of my favourite scents for beauty products. The product is creamy in consistency and is really easy to work into the skin. It lathers up beautifully and washes off without leaving any residue. I didn’t find it at all irritating, nor did it sting my face at all.

Dr Organics Rose Otto Creamy Face Wash

After washing it off, my skin is left feeling really clean. I haven’t experienced any tightness in my skin at all. It’s completely fuss free works really well to remove full coverage foundation very easily.

As a brand, I had never heard of Dr Organic and after visiting the brands website, I was really impressed by their motto of “The future is green”. Dr organic ‘ethically-source the finest sustainable natural extracts, enhance their purity by keeping them organic, and insist on staying completely cruelty-free and vegetarian, because we believe in luxury that doesn’t cost the Earth.’ Impressive.

I had a look at the ingredients list and saw that the Rose Otto Creamy Wash contains salicylic acid which is great for helping keep my acne under control. The citric acid and lactic acid are also included in the ingredient list, both of which are great for their anti-ageing properties. I’ve been using the cleanser for 4 weeks straight as part of a double cleanse routine and I love it. It does exactly what it’s supposed to and my skin concerns (acne) have been under control too.

Would I recommend the product? Overall it’s a great product that I would recommend for people with dry or combination skin due to it’s creamy nature. If you’re acne prone this product won’t break you out either and may help to keep your breakouts at bay.

The Dr Organic Rose Otto Creamy Face Wash can be bought at Holland & Barrett for just £6.99 (here).

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