9 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers & Influencers to Increase Productivity

Since getting my Macbook I started using Safari for browsing and using the web. It’s great, it really is, but pretty limited with what you can do – like all Apple designed products! Since I’ve been blogging more, I’ve realised that I needed to up my game when it comes to motivation and productivity. I needed to find shortcuts or tools that would help me step up and I’ve manage to find 9 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers & Influencers to Increase Productivity.

Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers & Influencers to Increase Productivity

1. MOZ – If you’ve started looking into the real depths of blogging, you will have heard all about SEO. The bane of any website owners life! This little nifty tool makes it so much easier to check the DA of any webpage, find internal and external links and whether they’re follow/no follow. Definitely handy when you want to ensure your SEO is completely on point.

2. Evernote web clipper – I’m a big fan of Evernote. You can seamlessly create content on the go whether it’s on your phone, tablet or laptop. If you aren’t using it already then go and sign up right now, I promise, you will not regret it! Evenote web clipper is an extension which makes it so much easier to clip a post post, page, image or file online and store it away. Fantastic for brainstorming ideas!

3. Grammarly – EVERYONE should download Grammarly. It does exactly what it says on the tin and so it keeps a check on your spelling and grammar, because nobody wants to read a poorly written blog post!

4. Buffer – Out of all the scheduling sites, Buffer has won me over (click here to read why you need to upgrade too!) I love the user friendly interface and the fact that it lets you recycle old tweets. Let’s be real, nobody wants to sit there typing out the same tweet over and over! Buffer’s Google Chrome Extension allows you to share whatever you’re loving on your social networks very quickly. Fantastic if you’re into affiliate links!

5. Be Limitless – So far, all the chrome extensions are great for giving you a little helping hand with the mundane tasks. However I do admit I have a VERY short attention span. For every ten minutes working, I will take an hours break to go watch an episode of Love Island (don’t judge me!) but the weird thing is I didn’t realise just how unproductive my “working from home” days were. That is, until I discovered the Be Limitless app. Be Limitless turns the otherwise blank new tab page into a personalised dashboard that shows you where your time is being spent (eek!) it helps you keep track of your goals, and provides friendly suggestions on how to be more productive. In one view, you will be able to know how much time you spent on specific websites or even break it down by categories such as social, work, learning, and more. It also has a smart notepad that comes with a to-do manager, a reminder app, and a countdown clock. If I’m going to get serious, I need to start being accountable. Now I really can’t pretend that I’ve been working all day when I’ve spent most of it on ASOS!

6. StayFocused – And while we’re on the topic of staying focused…Distractions can be a blogger’s worst enemy! StayFocused is a must when it comes to Chrome extensions for blogger productivity. How many times have you sat at your computer, planning to be totally productive, only to find yourself distracted by social media pop-ups that can’t seem to wait? Or maybe you wandered off to some website that sucked the time right out of you before you even realised it? Before you know it, you’ve completely diverted away from the task at hand! It’s now 2 hours later and all you’ve accomplished are Facebook status updates, some retweets and a couple of unrelated Google searches, such as ‘where to go on your next dream vacation?’ — you’re not even a travel blogger! Can you relate? StayFocused is one of the best Chrome extensions for blogger productivity! It allows you to restrict the amount of time you waste on the online activities you choose. Once you’ve set it up, the allotted time will reach the dial and the blocked sites (which you’ve set up) will be inaccessible for the rest of the day.This will surely limit the time you spend on those endless social media scroll sessions which I know you’re struggling to keep under control — let’s be real! I have my social media sites under restricted use. Otherwise, I’d get nothing done!

7. Google Similar Pages – I haven’t been using tool for long, however I realise now that I’ve been missing out. In working on taking my blog to the next level, I’ve realised that I need to keep track of my “competition”. Google Similar Pages helps you to find a website that is similar to the one that you are currently on. This will help you find other blogs and websites that Google is categorising you with and you can note down how to grow further.

8. Follow – While we’re on the topic of competition…Have you ever wondered how well other blogs within your niche are doing? Ever wondered what kind of traffic those blogs are generating or how they’re generating that traffic?One way I like to check out what’s working for others is by using the Follow Chrome extension. Now, some might consider this a bit stalker-ish, but I see it as part of my research for growth. This neat little tool allows you follow other websites and gives you access to a ton of important SEO metrics and other data. This can help you learn more about what others within your niche are doing and how they’re doing it. I don’t really like to play the comparison game, however, I do find it interesting to see how I stack up when compared to other bloggers within my niche. It helps me set goals towards where I want to be and how I can possibly get there.By closely examining what other bloggers are doing I can get a better picture of what may or may not work when optimizing my own blog posts. We all know that SEO is important. I see this is as a way to take my own SEO a bit further!

9. Pinterest – This one is pretty self explanatory and I’m sure most of you will already have it. This extension allows you to pin photos across the web directly to your Pinterest boards. This is fab for both brainstorming and promoting your own blog.

These Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers & Influencers are serious game changers. Isn’t it time you upped your blogging game?

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