5 things to consider when buying used car

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This week I’ve been helping my dad look for a brand new car. I’ve never been interested in learning about cars at all but I have to say it wasn’t as tedious as I thought it would be. I’ve teamed up with Cars.com to bring you a post on 5 things to consider when buying used car:

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1. Check to see that there is a full service history provided. This will ensure that all the mileage is warranted and that the car has been properly maintained. Without sounding too sinister – according to vehicle checkers HPI, one in three cars has a hidden history. Luckily for peace of mind, you can arrange a car history or data check by the RAC, AA, HPI Check and other companies for around £20.
They will search a range of databases held by the police, the DVLA, insurance companies and finance houses to see if:

– It’s been stolen

– Shows bogus mileage

– Involved in a serious accident or,

– The car has any outstanding loans against it

You then get a full report of their findings. it might seema bit extreme to go full on detective mode however chances are you’ll be paying a lot of money for something that you hope will keep you safe so it’s definitely worth looking into.

2. Consider the number of previous owners. This is a big indicator that the car is likely to have some faults to. If there are more than 3 owners then it might be a red flag for you.

3. Ensure that the chassis number also known as the vehicle registration number matches the logbook. Sounds a bit silly but a mismatch with the numbers determines whether car has been stolen!

4. Check if there are any outstanding Finance/lease agreements on car. Although seller may have HPi report, do your own checks! If there are any finance agreements in place then you would be liable to pay so don’t get caught otu!

5. Do a thorough physical inspection (although car may be HPi clear, damages that don’t go through insurance will not be recorded. Some of the things to look out for – check alignment of body work, check that paintwork shows consistency, open bonnet and check fittings are not tampered with, check under car to see if chassis is aligned and not any dents.

Cars.com is great because it’s packed full of information about different cars, makes and models. Plus, it has other helpful information as well, including car seat safety check tips and more!

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