Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review and Swatches

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review and Swatches

This review is long long overdue. I’m talking almost a year overdue – whoops. I suppose I should take this opportunity to apologise at the mismatched quality and lighting of the photos. They were in fact taken over the course of the year and under different seasonal lighting. Enough with the apologies though, let’s get right to it.

I had first heard of the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette around this time last year and fell in love. I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay but the Naked Palettes have never piqued my interest enough for me to go out and purchase them. I prefer warm toned/orange hues on my eyes and this palette was literally what my dreams were made of. Finally, a Naked palette that I could get on board with. The hype was real and I was sucked in.

Urban Decay Heat Palette Swatches

I got my hands on the palette in the pre-release and I was so eager to use it that it just became part of my everyday routine and I guess I just forgot to put it up on here. Still, at least I’m able to give you a thorough review on the palette.

So the palette is housed within a sturdy plastic case with a magnetic closure that is pretty much similar to the other Naked palettes. The lid contains a large mirror that is actually really good quality too. None of that squinting into the tiny mirror malark. The lid has a double layer with embossed writing on the top. I absolutely love it. It’s so unique and Urban Drcay have done that great thing where they follow through with a whole theme.

Inside are 12 beautiful eye shadow shades, ranging from light, skin toned and neutral shades, all the way up to smouldering burgundies and coppers. Overall there is a good mix of matte and shimmer shades. I have zero complaints.

Urban Decay Naked Heat swatch

Urban Decay Naked Heat colours

I want to be very transparent and clear and point out that with the swatches above and below I didn’t use any kind of primer or base coat to make the colours pop or stand out more. I’ve recently seen a trend in people using swatch stencils to create pretty shapes and these are great for instagram photos but you don’t always get to see the pick up with them. As you can see on the swatch along my arm all the colours pick up really really well bar one (see below) which took a little bit more work.

Breaking down the shades:
The first four shades are neutrals and the very the first shade on the far left is Ounce, which is an ivory shimmer. It doesn’t show up well in the photograph, but it is an ivory/eggshell shade with light shimmer. It is excellent for the inner corner and brow bone. The next shade is Chaser, which is a matte nude. It is almost the same as my skin color for me so It works great as a base shadow to put all over my eyes. Sauced is the next shade, and it is a light brown matte. If you’re South Asian, this is another one that’s going to work well as a base or highlighting the brow bone (depending no your skin tone). Next we have Low Blow, which is a brown matte that is more of a chocolatey warm brown than the others. For me personally, I use Low Brow as a very very subtle transitional shade. If you’re South Asian and MAC NC40 and up, this will also work as a great matte base.

Initially I wasn’t sure whether I would use the lighter shades because I prefer dark smokey eyes but if truth be told these colours are very well loved, especially Chaser.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Neutrals

The next batch are warmer, transitional shades (The best kind in my opinion!). So getting straight into it, fifth in the palette is Lumbre. This is a beautiful copper/pink color with a gold shift. I’m not a huge fan of shimmers but this shade is just beautiful. It’s fantastic if you’re creating a halo eye look. He Devil is next and it’s a matte burnt red that I personally love to use as a transitional shade. In fact it’s probably the shade I’ve used the most. Dirty Talk is very similar to He Devil, except it is a shimmer rather than matte. The shimmer is subtle so definitely very wearable. Scorched is a burnt red copper with shimmer. Scorched is probably the colour that I use the least but I like to use it to give depth to an otherwise all matte look.

Urban Decay Naked Heat transitional

Finally, we get to the deep smoldering shades. These are all great for the crease, the outer v, or a smokey look. Cayenne is a deep terra cotta matte. En Fuego is a matte burgundy. Ashes is a matte reddish brown, which looks purple to me. Finally, Ember is a dark shimmery brown color. The darker shades are probably my favourite but if I had to choose just one then Cayenne really has my heart. Ashes, as you can probably tell by the swatches is the colour I have most difficulty working with. It’s quite difficult to blend and takes a lot of work but when you do put the time into it’s so so pretty!

Urban Decay Naked Heat smokey

I love that the shade names are all in line with the overall theme of the palette. Everything ties in together so well, but then again I wouldn’t expect anything less from Urban Decay.

As with most Urban Decay palettes, this one also come with a with double ended blender/buffer brush. I’m a huge fan of Urban decay brushes, they’re all synthetic, vegan and just really nice and fluffy. I had a look on the website and they say that one end is the crease defining brush, and the other end is a blending brush. If I’m completely honest, I’m not certain which is which, because they are not labeled. To be honest, as long as you feel comfortable using the brush then it doesn’t matter which you use for what. All I know is that it’s a really good brush to work with and that’s all that really matters!

Overall, this palette is of extremely high quality. The shadows are all pigmented, buttery, and highly blendable. For a novice like me, it’s making doing my make-up really easy. If I had to find some sort of criticism for the palette it would be that the shades are all quite similar. There’s a warm toned and cool toned shade of 6 variations so I guess there is only a finite number for looks you can create. For me though, the warm toned hues are absolutely perfect for a subtle day to day look and I actually wouldn’t change anything from the palette. If anything, it’s got me to be a little bit more creative with subtle, every day looks.

The palette will set you back £39.50, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t overpriced for a high end palette. Get yours here.

Would I recommend the Naked Heat Palette? Yes! Most definitely.
Would I buy the palette again? Honestly, if I manage to get through the entire palette, I think I would.



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