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This weekend I had a celebratory dinner but was faced with the age old dilemma of having nothing to wear. I did the thing any girl usually does and rushed into Zara in the morning to pick up a new top to wear. Not entirely sure what’s going on in Zara at the moment but sis, I struggled! Just as I was leaving the store in a huff, a puff sleeve textured top caught my eye and I had to have it.

The top is listed as a textured T-shirt with puff sleeves on the website. Personally I would class it as a veryyy thin knit or just a top tbh. Either way it’s bang on trend and so versatile.

Zara Puff Sleeve

Initially I planned on wearing it with jeans but I wanted it to be less casual and more dressy so I went with striped palazzo’s from H&M.

You might notice (more so below) that the sleeves on my top stay upright as opposed to flop downwards (see the image on the Zara website). Since I have really small shoulders I wanted a little bit more structure (and not to look so wide) so I pinned both sides up with just one safety pin. Personally I think it worked a treat.

Purchase the top for yourself here.

Here are some similar puff sleeve pieces that I’m also loving at the moment:

What are your thoughts on the puff sleeve trend?

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