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Despite the rain today, we still have a while yet before summer is over. I only just realised that I really need to update my shoe collection with some comfortable sandals because the ones that I do have are really pretty but oh so painful. I also want to buy sandals that won’t just go out of fashion the next year, since I’ve left it pretty late. I decided to go on the hunt for some more sophisticated yet chic sandals to add to my shoe collection and came up with a wishlist.

Ever since Birkenstocks made their way back into trending again last year, I have been obsessed. Ever the frontier for granny chic, I was so pleased that they were available in high street stores for me to peruse. I love the look of white Birkenstocks for the Summer and after spending ages deciding on which would suit me best, I found the perfect pair called Gizeh casual sandals. Rather than the straps across the foot I love the thong version. Mostly because I feel I have a better grip on the shoe but also because they look less chunky. 

The cork/latex footbed means they’re also ridiculously comfortable and I can keep walking all day. Embarassingly, I have really wide feet and I love that Birkenstock’s give me enough room for my feet to feel comfortable throughout an entire 4 hour shopping spree. 

You can probably tell by the branding of my blog just how much I’m into mint green. It would be a crime for me to not have fallen in love with the Adesso’s Marla sandals in mint as soon as I saw them. They look so pretty and I’ve already imagined the perfect outfits I could wear them with. The thick rubber sole mean that again, they’re really comfy and they come in 3 different pastel shades. I love the green, but it’s ok to have them in blue and pink too right? I have to say though, this is my favourite pair!

When FitFlop first launched I just didn’t get the hype. They’re wedged sandals…and?? Then I bought my mum a pair and all I can say is – I understood. The soft padded linings feel heavenly and although I did try to keep the shoes for myself, she wasn’t having it so these are definitely going on my wishlist. I love that they do black glittery ones, mostly because I don’t actually know how to dress down so these would be perfect for me. 

As much as I do love a chunky shoe, gladiators do still remain a firm favourite of mine when it comes to summer sandals. I really really like these Ted Baker gladiators. They’re nothing too fancy and not difficult to put on either. I love the shiny gold detailing at the top of the sandal and on the top of the sole. I’ve actually tried these on in store and they look beautiful so I couldn’t resist adding it to my wishlist. 

I’ve whittled down my need-list to just 4 pairs of sandals, surely that means I can have them all right???

Which are your favourite kind of sandal?

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