Stealing Gillian Jacob/Mickey’s Style from Netflix’s Love

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve finished watching Love and I’m still so obsessed with it. I honestly feel like as much of a train wreck Mickey is, a part of me really identifies with her, not to mention the fact that we both have kick ass style. I kid, well about me anyway, Mickey on the otherhand looks absolutely amazing throughout the series. Whether it’s a bathing suit or going commando, she looks hot throughout. Subconsciously, it must have really hit a chord with me because when I went shopping yesterday I somehow accidentally (perhaps on purpose) ended up buying half her wardrobe from Topshop. No, seriously, it happened and I regret nothing.

mickey netflix spotted dots shirt

Potty for polka – I love love love this quirky top that she wears to work. The fun print is a great way to inject some personality into your work wardrobe and I wanted it! Weirdly enough I came across an almost exact copy of it in Topshop today and screamed in delight. I got a bigger size so that I could pull it off as a baggy dress/blouse but I like that it can also be tucked into a skirt like she did too. The sleeves are a great length to cover my bingo wings and I wouldn’t have thought to roll up the sleeves but it actually looks really good.

mickey netflix oversized sports

Oversized sportswear – The whole ‘effortlessly cool’ look really is great. Anything that requires minimal effort gets a big fat yes from me. With that being said, wearing an oversized polo shirt is something I can get on board with except perhaps the fact that polo shirt collars do nothing for me. I’ve never been a tomboy at all but recently I’m loving incorporating sportswear into my wardrobe. Since polo shirts are a no no for me, I was thrilled when I found this sporty jumper. It’s actually in the petite section but luckily it fits great.

I have major leg hang ups so I don’t think I could go all out Mickey and wear nothing else with it. Instead I’d throw it on with tights and some converse and I’d be good to go.

mickey netflix checked Shirt

Checked shirt – This is a wardrobe staple that pretty much everyone owns already but I got a little carried away in the sale and ended up buying a navy blue (maternity) checked shirt. Whilst I’m on this note, I don’t have a problem buying maternity wear. I look like I’m about 5 months pregnant all year round so I should be entitled to browse maternity clothing, don’t judge me!
I can wear it by layering a la mickey or buttoned up. It’s such a nice colour and I’m loving the versatility. Perhaps Ill even go all 90s and wear it around my waist. The possibilities are endless!

mickey netflix Carhartt overalls

 Overalls – More specifically Mickey’s Carhartt overalls that she wears whilst she’s at home and boy does she rock them. Who knew unflattering workwear could actually look super chic?! If you’re a little wary about looking like a painter, than fear not as Topshop have once again got us covered with these amazing black overalls. They’re SO functional and look so good on. If you want to embrace the full on work(wo)man look then Topshop also have this khaki boiler suit which I also considered buying. My body shapes a little different to Mickey’s so I think I’m going to stick with the burgandy pinafore dress that I can’t get enough of at the moment.

The key to Mickey’s style is key comfy, casual and oversized pieces. Get a little creative by wearing a t-shirt under thing, rolling up sleeves or even layering. If it’s comfy, work it!


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