Secret Cinema Launches Secret Sofa

Secret Cinema specials in creating epic, immersive film screenings. There literally is nothing like it. For obvious reasons Secret Cinema has had to temporarily close but the creatives behind it have kept the magic alive by bringing us something new – Secret Sofa!

Each Friday night for the next eight weeks there will be an in-home screening of a film chosen by Secret Cinema. We, the viewers will be informed via the Secret Sofa newsletter, where you will be given very specific instruction to create your very own immersive experience. These include character narratives, costume suggestions, prop-making ideas, food and drink suggestions and of course order codes for Häagen-Dazs (the official sponsor).

Secret Sofa kicks off with Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel which coincidently I’ve been dying to see!

Unfortunately the movie isn’t available to any of the streaming platforms so you do have to purchase this one, but perhaps if enough people ask nicely they might pick another film on Netflix or Amazon.


Every Friday, starting from today!

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