Rimmel Glam Eyes Review

When doing beauty product reviews, as with a lot of bloggers i’m sure, I tend to look for new products I can write about; today however I delved deep into my makeup bag and decided to blog about a product I’ve been using for about 8 years pretty much on a daily basis! 

It’s none other than Rimmel’s Glam Eyes Liquid Liner.

Rimmel Glam eyes liquid liner

(You will have to excuse the sellotape residue on the packaging – for some reason Superdrug like to sellotape their products to the point where you need a hacksaw to get your items open)

It’s feathery soft brush helps the liner glide across your eyelid without giving you that ‘drag’ that can sometimes mess up your perfect cat eye. The brush is nice and thin, allowing you to play with how thick or thin you may want your eyeliner to be. Unlike other brands the brush is a decent length too, making it easier to get more on the brush and across your eye.

When I first started using this beauty buy I initially used it to line the bottom of my eyes. A strange concept to a lot of people but it really does give the eyes a more dramatic look in comparison to using a pencil on the lower lash line, which can be softer and can smudge away very easily.

The liquid liner is very affordable, priced at only £5.29 at Superdrug and it really does last a long time. I have tried other brands over the years, however I always seem to come back to good old Rimmel.

I’ve found that the liner doesn’t dry out too easily, as it does with other brands. It has decent staying power…considering that it isn’t waterproof!..and what’s even better is that it doesn’t smudge, at most it will rub away if you were to rub your eyes pretty hard.

After writing this whole review, It’s only just dawned on me that this is the first beauty product I’ve ever purchased and used! :O

Have you tried Glam Eyes? Are you a fan of liquid liner? what was your first ever beauty buy?

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