MAC Look In A Box Blazing Haute Review

When I first started getting into makeup, MAC lipsticks were all the rage. Priced at just £13 (can you believe it!) back then they were affordable and coveted by EVERYONE. Fast forward 10 years and I’m in the long and very slow process of using up the collection I amassed with no intention of restocking. 

Even though MAC do continue to bring out regular new releases, for me they became a brand that fell far behind its competitors despite having carved themselves a great niche and the perfect loyal audience a decade ago. I wanted something new and fresh.

MAC Look In A Box Blazing Haute

It seems as though that MAC finally heard my prayers or perhaps they just realised that it’s important to listen to your consumers because they’ve now come out with something completely new and actually pretty exciting!

MAC Look In A Box Blazing Haute – is a range of 5 mini lipsticks that are perfect for Brown people. Finally!! 

I am loving the packaging, it’s playful and edgy and even though it’s plastic and doesn’t look ‘luxe’, it certainly works for what they’re going for.

MAC Look In A Box Blazing Haute
MAC Look In A Box Blazing Haute

Actually they’re perfect for literally any skin tone but I stan anything that actually works for us South Asians.

If you’re like me and stick to your nudes then this kit is perfect for you. It gives you five different mini lipsticks of colours that are just off the ordinary shades. Colours that you definitely want in your collection but might not necessarily wear all of the time and so wouldn’t go out to purchase them.

MAC Look In A Box Blazing Haute

The lipsticks are a mix of finishes which is actually really nice but what’s even better is that they’ve used the perfect finish with it’s counterpart shade. I mean we all love a matte red and a cremesheen nude is the one.

In the swatch from left to right:

Whilst I think that £35 for these mini lipsticks is a bit more high-end priced than I would like, you do have to give it to them for carefully curating an immaculate colour edit.

Would I purchase this again? My sister actually gifted this to me and considering how often I reach for it, I do think I’ll consider buying it again once I’ve finished two or more of the lipsticks.

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