It’s been a while…

Things have been a little bit quiet around here, my posts have been sporadic for quite a few months and I’ve been too exhausted to post in the past fortnight. I’ve also been in two minds about how much of my personal life I wanted to share and in the end I opted for just a vague tweet or two. It’s been over a week now and I guess I’m ready to talk about it.

For a long while my granddad was ill. There were endless hospital trips, complaints to the NHS, family get together’s just to ensure he was as comfortable as he could be during this difficult time.

On the 14th of this month I lost my grandad and I’m finding myself drowning in an overwhelming feeling of sadness.

He was the type of man you never hear anyone say anything bad about. He had extraordinary sense of humour and a heart of gold; he was the backbone of my family. To know that he’s not around anymore is just such a surreal feeling.

It’s been hitting me in waves all week and the look of actual heartbreak on my grandma’s face is something I keep playing in my head. 60 years of companionship just coming to an end is a strange thought to say the least.

Something else I’ll always remember is that just as we left the hospital after his passing, my sister and I saw a lady at the parking ticket machine. We had only been there about 20 mins so I went over to give her our ticket. I smiled at her as I passed the ticket over and she beamed back at me and said “I’m going to see my new baby!”. They always say when one persons life ends, a new begins.

It’s a funny world we live in.

My family and I have started a small fundraising page to build a classroom/educational facilities in my granddad’s name. He was a teacher for a little while and he loved kids so we thought it would be apt. If you would like to donate towards this, my family and I would be very grateful. Donations can be made here.

As for the blog, I’m hoping to be back on track from next week. Thank you to all the PR’s and of course readers for being so patient with me.
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