Four Hundred Rabbits Pizza Review

Four Hundred Rabbits is one quirky little pizzeria that know that when it comes to pizza it’s all about that base.

South East London is a place of work for me. In 5 years I have to admit I’ve hardly been to anywhere to eat or even exploring around the area. No particular reason really, I just haven’t.
An impromptu meet up after work last week meant that I was frantically google searching in a desperate bid to convince my friend that the South East isn’t all that bad.

Four Hundred Rabbits

Four Hundred Rabbits

I remember passing Four Hundred Rabbits once last year and being very intrigued. The whole place is decked out in contemporary decor, featuring exposed beams/pipes and vents, plants and the seating is slightly reminiscent of your secondary school science labs. Overall it’s a bright and airy space to enjoy your meal.

The staff are really really friendly and super helpful. I also like that you can see the pizzas being cooked whilst you wait for your food too.

If like me you’re wondering what the restaurant name is all about then look no further (than the website).

“We love fermentation. The Aztecs also revered the process and worshipped both a goddess of alcohol and a god that discovered fermentation. According to aztec folklore these two got it together one night and created many offspring known as the 400 rabbit gods or centzon totochtin.”

So now we know eh?

Four Hundred Rabbits

Four Hundred Rabbits

I don’t drink alcohol so I can’t comment on that but the pizza is definitely something I could get on board with!

For so long I had only eaten at Pizza Hut and had no idea what real Pizza was all about. Then last year, I went to a pizza making class and ever since I have become a teeny weeny bit obsessed with Sour Dough pizzas.

The menu is short and sweet – there are six pizza options, a couple of salads and some specials. The pizza toppings all sound delicious and a bit more adventurous than your usual pineapple or peppers.

I saw Goat’s cheese as a topping and knew that I was going to order the Chipotle rolled goats cheese, Rhubarb, Piquillo pepper, mozzarella, tomato and basil. I ordered a ‘Lemony Lemonade’ to wash it down and a Chipotle chilli and sour cream dip on the side

Four Hundred Rabbits Pizza

Four Hundred Rabbits Pizza

The pizzas are priced between £7.25 and £9.95 and are a good size. Definitely worth it!

Our food arrived in good time and I’m not exaggerating here but it’s possibly the best pizza I’ve tasted in a very very long time. Maybe even of all time!

Four Hundred Rabbits also specialise in ice cream and sundaes. These are bought in from artisan gelato company Gelup. I was wayyy too full to give this a try but I am very very certain that I’ll be returning in the very near future to give this a try.

Four Hundred Rabbits also now run a loyalty scheme where you earn points each time you visit. You earn 1 point for every pound you spend and you can redeem these for free pizzas and dessert.

If you’re a local then Four Hundred Rabbits is also available through Deliveroo. Check out their website here.

Will I be visiting again? Definitely. I’m so glad to have stumbled across this hidden gem and can’t wait to go back.

Would I recommend it? Yes!

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