Dressing For Fluctuating Weight

From as far back as I can remember I have had fluctuations with my weight. Whenever I see someone I haven’t seen in a few years they will usually say “OMG you’ve lost weight!” – because a: Asian people have no tact and b: this is supposedly a compliment. Instead of beaming with pride on my unintentional weight loss, I always come away thinking god was I really that big before?

So here’s a PSA – I both don’t want or need you to comment on my physical appearance. Even if you think it’s going to make me feel good about myself, just…don’t.

pull and bear striped trousers

I also keep hearing that after you hit 30 you naturally gain weight and it’s much harder to lose weight. This is pretty terrifying when the big three oh is looming.

On top of all of that, finding clothes that are flattering when you’re going through a “fat phase” (Pleeeeaaseeee don’t @ me with body shaming nonsense, I’m talking about how I feel about my own body) is another huge issue. Even though oversized is generally my go-to style, I don’t always want to be in baggy clothing.

This year I want to introduce smart casual clothing into my wardrobe that’s transitional. Not necessarily day to night but from work to out to home. Stuff that’s comfy and looks effortless.

One of my favourite purchases recently has to be these Pull & Bear wide leg striped culottes. Depending on how high I wear them they can be proper culottes or ankle grazing, which I kind of prefer. Nobody needs to see that much cankle!

pull and bear striped trousers

Initially I wasn’t sure how versatile they would be because of the tan stripes but I surprised myself with how many different tops and shoes go with them.

The elastic waist means that they’re ridiculously comfortable and I love the belt detail. I initially thought they were going to be linen or cotton but it turns out that they’re actually neither. They’re actually 100% viscose so seriously comfortable.

I styled them with mules and trainers previously (as featured in my post here) but I can definitely see them going with ankle boots too. I’ve pretty much been living in them to be quite honest, so expect to see them feature on all of my platforms A LOT!

They come in both tan stripes and black stripes. As tempted as I was to go with black, the tan pair do look pretty good (even if I do say so myself!) and it’s not similar to anything else I’ve got in my wardrobe. A definite must have for this end of season weather as well for when we start moving into Autumn. What do you think of them?

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