bonprix capsule wardrobe style challenge

Today I will be taking part in the Bonprix style challenge!

My mission was to scour their website and find a staple wardrobe piece that would go in my capsule wardrobe and style it in two different ways. So what on earth is a capsule wardrobe? well, quite simply it’s picking fewer key pieces to go in your wardrobe that will go with more than one thing in your wardrobe. That way you get more for your money, more looks, and more wear out of your clothes.

With the Christmas sales coming up, It’s so easy to get carried away and buy all those bargains, but less is definitely more.  

What to look for with staple pieces?
Neutral colours, as well as black allow you to start with a blank canvas. You can build up with colours or bold prints. Although quirky “in” things are always lovely to purchase, if you go for a classic piece that is tailored well, it will never go out of season.

So with all that info on hand, I am fully prepared for the my style challenge!

I had a look at all the lovely pieces on the Bonprix website and decided that for my capsule wardrobe, my staple item would be the beautiful rhinestone collar blouse. I picked this as it’s a neutral colour, allowing me to build up on my outfit. The bling collar means I don’t need to worry about jewellery and I’ll always look as though I’ve made a bit of an effort without any hard work.
It’s such a chic piece that is extremely versatile for all sorts of occasions. Not convinced? Read on skeptics!

I decided to use two iconic decades to style my wardrobe staple item to show you just how versatile (and easy) it can be.

My first look is inspired by the glamorous fifties. As I mentioned earlier, the black blouse is a blank canvas so it’s a great place to start for any outfit. For this look I decided to team it up with a loud polka dot print peplum skirt. For those of you who would like attention drawn aware from the upper half of your body, this would be the prefect outfit. The printed skirt will immediately draw the eye to the the lower half of your body balancing out the broad shouldered or big busted beauties. To give the black on black outfit a pop of colour I added a pair of red patent heels. I completed the ensemble with a quilted leather bag that would make any outfit look classy.
It isn’t a 50s inspired style without the red lipstick so after a quick paint of the pout and a fancy updo with pin up curls (think rockabilly) you’re good to go!

Outfit number two is inspired by my most favourite decade of them all – the 60s! Once again I’ve opted for a pop of colour and this time it is of course, mustard. 

This outfit is suitable for a night out with your friends; however it also lets you potter around at home cleaning whilst you wait for your mates to turn up, without looking like Cinderella waiting to go to the ball. In other words it’s easy, transitional (day to night) dressing.
I’ve paired the blouse with dark denim skinny jeans for a nice silhouette and a funky pair of shoes to keep the outfit interesting. Depending on the occasion, you could add some quirky earrings and a charm filled watch is always a nice touch to finish off any outfit.

Since the new year is fast approaching, I’d say it’s about time to detox your wardrobe and declutter so you can get your staple pieces in.

What do you think of my styling? 

I’m so pleased to announce that my entry won the competition!!

I won two party dresses of my choice and I’ll be wearing them and featuring them on my blog soon!



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