5 Things That Made My Week

Happy Sunday! What a week it’s been, full of little bits of awesomeness in an otherwise mundane week. Here’s my round up of things that have made me smile throughout this week:

1. Monday Madness – This Monday, I almost completely forgot that I had the day off. Yay for annual leave you completely forgot about! I was hoping for a really productive day where I got a butt load of things done and boy did I?! (See point number 2).

pink hair asian girl

2. Getting my hurr did – I did it! I dyed my hair pink! I went in on Monday to my usual salon toying between a vibrant pink or a subtle light purple. After a quick discussion with my hairdresser he got to work and I’m so so happy with the result. It’s a pink/purple that changes colour depending on the light I’m standing under. A true mermaid in the making! I might do a post on it, perhaps a review of the salon, I haven’t yet decided. Let me know which you would prefer?

3. Iphone 6 – This Tuesday I was on the train and saw that a girl sitting opposite me had such a cute Iphone 6 cover. I thought about getting a similar one for my HTC but knew it wouldn’t look as nice because my phone is a lot bulkier. For a split second I wondered about changing my phone before realising Android > Iphone. The very next day though, I walk into work to find out that we’re getting Iphone 6’s for work phones. Yay for even better selfies ha!

4. I miss you – ok so every single day for the past year I have been trying to get my 2 year old nephew to say “I missed you”. This week I had been so busy that I completely forgot about this little ritual that I do and randomly midweek the gorgeous munchkin came up to me, hugged me and said “I missed you”. I could’ve died of a melted heart there and then. It was the cutest thing in the world!

sensations heart shaped crisps

 5. Hearts – This week has seriously been all about the love. Lots of love everywhere including in my crisps! I was a little bit more excited than I should have been to have found a heart shaped crisp in my packet of Sensations. I thought about preserving it but then I realised this was food we’re talking about. Tasted great too 😉

What things made you happy this week?


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