Trench Coats To Get You Through The April Showers This Year

Hello my name is Rosie and I’m addicted to buying coats. Well…outerwear in general. From the top of my head just now I’ve counted 20 and I just can’t stop.

This week for the first time in a very long time I parted with a coat that I have really loved wearing. Not intentionally, I was just too lazy to carry it around so I recycled it at H&M.

Zara Trench Coat ootd

Zara Trench Coat ootd

What actually happened was I completely misjudged the weather. It looked kind of sunny but I could see the wind blowing quite fiercely so I put on my light fur jacket. The jacket/coat was on it’s last legs anyway as the pockets had a hole in them, the lining was slowly coming apart and I had already replaced the hooks where they had fallen off.
Still, it did the job and was really comfortable to wear. This day however I had badly misjudged the weather and by the time I walked ten minutes to the station, I was sweating buckets. I had been browsing trench coats online just that night before and saw a few that I liked so I pushed back my plans for the day and went in search of a spring jacket NOT made of fur!

Despite knowing that I hold on to coats like they’re never going to go out of fashion (which they won’t!) I still didn’t want to spend too much. I wanted a colour that would go with all my outfits, because I’ve suddenly started buying pink and orange outerwear which sometimes isn’t always practical. The first shop I walked into was Zara and I remembered that I had seen a trench coat online in their special prices section. Quickly locating it, I tried it on and my goodness I fell for it hard. It was perfect.

zara black trench coat Warm enough for a chilly spring day. Long enough to wear over midi dresses without looking silly and the fitting was smart casual so it didn’t look like I was off to a meeting all the time. I have really small shoulders so I find tailored shoulders often look weird and oversized on me but this was absolutely fine. At £29.99 this was an absolute steal. I decided to buy it right away of course.

The trench coat comes in two colours – black and a cream. The material is a faux suede, which they seem to be doing a lot of recently! I was slightly worried that it might get ruined in the April showers but then I realised that it’s not actually real suede so it should be completely fine.

You can buy yours here.

If you’re looking for something similar but isn’t black then here are some of the other trench coats and macs that I found and loved whilst I was browsing:



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