Recipe: Cumin sticks (Breadsticks)

This recipe for cumin sticks is by far one of the easiest things to make. They’re extremely moreish too; luckily this recipe makes a good amount of sticks to last you a long time. They should be kept in an airtight container to keep them fresh and crispy.


3 cups Plain Flour

1/2 a Block of Butter

1/2 tbsp Salt

1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds

1/2 tsp Baking Powder

Sesame Seeds


This is all you will need to make the yummy sticks. The brands used are by no means the best ones to use 🙂

 1. Start off by pouring 3 cups of plain (all purpose) flour into a mixing bowl.

 2. Cut half a block of butter (Approx 150g) and place into a bowl. Microwave the butter until it is melted 

TIP: microwave the butter for 30 secs each time, checking to see how much has melted.

 3. Pour the melted butter into the flour and stir in

 4. Next add water into the mixture (about half a cup)

NB: the water should be just enough to create a thick dough. If it’s not sticking together add a bit more water

The thick dough

5. Take a small peice of the dough and with a rolling pin roll out a flat square-ish shape 

 6. Cut off the ends to create a more defined square. Do not throw the excess dough away, just add it to the rest of your dough you have.


 7. Cut small strips into your square piece of rolled out dough

TIP: Always use a blunt knife so it doesn’t stick and drag the dough

8. Place into some preheated oil and fry until they’re golden brown


 9. Once they’re cooked through, drain off the excess oil and place on to paper towels to cool (and soak up excess oil)

 10. Once cooled the sticks are ready to eat!

Remember to store them in an air tight container.

Love R x

Jeeru jeera

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