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I don’t watch a lot of TV any more. I prefer catching up on series’ on the internet and binge watching Netflix to my hearts content. However, on the odd occasion that I do sit down to watch TV, I’ve noticed that there has been a serious increase in television adverts that make me want to smash my TV in. Now I’m generally not a violent person at all but seriously the adverts these days really make me wonder what on earth they were thinking.

As a new series to my blog, I’ll be putting up three adverts every week that really really get my goat.

First up this week is the “What’s my claim worth” advert. If you haven’t yet had it grace your televisions, I really wouldn’t recommend watching it below. Like seriously, don’t. It is the biggest cringefest ever.  


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I get that they’re trying to break away from the laughably serious ‘personal injury claim’ adverts but this one just makes no sense at all. The horrible piss taking can almost be seen as offensive. I can’t even comment on her ‘Z-snap’ and “you get me”. I just cant. What is that all about?!

Next we have the Hotels4u ad. Not sure I would expect anything more from a company that has the words “4u” in it’s company name but there you go. This horrifyingly annoying advert consists of a strange couple where the male actor has an extremely annoying voice and accent. I apologise if this is your real accent, well I don’t really but there you go. I’m not sure whether they were trying to get “anything for you cupcake” to become a catchphrase but it didn’t work. The ad is quite frankly embarrassing and the makers and actors should all be hanging their heads in shame.

The last ad or should I say group of ads that make me want to slap the actor silly is the one’s that advertise Maoam right before The Big Bang Theory. I mean, I get what they were trying to do and how they tried to link science in with the sponsor but man alive, can the guy get any more irritating?!! 

What are the adverts that are currently making you want to pull your hair out?

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  1. Lucky I'm not in the UK at the moment so haven't seen these annoying adverts BUT I feel I need to defend them.
    The point of an advert is to ultimately to get you to buy the product. If creators can get a reaction from the public, such as being thoroughly irritated, then they have done their job well.
    How annoying were the GO COMPARE ads? Now that company is a household name. Do you remember their adverts before? Me neither.
    I think annoying adverts are here to stay as the strong feelings we have towards them etch the brand straight into our skulls… painfully.


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