I’m Alive…!

Hi! I’m back! At least I intend to be. It’s always nice when people message you to remind you that you haven’t blogged in a while and they miss reading stuff. To be honest, I have missed blogging! It feels weird to be sitting here with a laptop after what seems like an age if I’m honest, but I definitely have missed it.

pleather joggers ootd

So where have I been? I guess I’ve just been “living”. By that I mean, being more present and living in the moment. Not thinking about content and when I can find time to fit in writing a post; spending time with people I haven’t seen in a long time and doing things that make me happy. It’s been really nice.
Of course I couldn’t switch off my creative outlets completely and admittedly I’ve been focusing a little bit more on Instagram. I really don’t want to have to choose between the two so hopefully I’m going to find a nice balance.

I have so much content on some great places to visit in London and some to avoid. Amazing new food places and beauty and fashion bits that you absolutely can not live your life without. Stay tuned!

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