Wonderland Ceramics Review

Wonderland Ceramics is ceramics painting cafe based in Hackney. Since I love Alice in Wonderland, it was a no brainer that we picked this place to go and let our creative sides run wild. It had been a while since we had a good catch up and this seemed like the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

If you’re taking public transport, it can be slightly annoying to get to as there’s no direct tube links and no real bus links that drop you right outside either. We ended up taking a train to Mile End and then a bus from there to Victoria Park.

Wonderland Ceramics

Before I go on, I want to preface this by saying that I really really wanted this to be a good, positive, even perhaps a raving review, honestly I did; however I just can’t bring myself to pretend.

The shop is small. Much smaller than it looked in the photos online but when we went to wash our hands at the back, I kind of realised that perhaps there was some renovation going on. The floor was dusty and everything just seemed a little bit cramped. I tried not to let this put me off though and appreciated the little touches. The lamp shades were really quirky, as was the artwork on the walls. I also loved that the coat pegs were roses that hand been (spray) painted red. How cute.

There was no one else in the shop and if I’m honest, the lady who runs the cafe wasn’t really very interested in assisting us or even explaining what we had to do. Luckily I had been (to another cafe) before so I pointed my friend in the direction of the ceramics and we set about the extremely difficult task of picking just one to paint.

Wonderland Ceramics cafe

There were a range of different products, including crockery, money boxes, and even novelty items. I did notice that the ceramics were bizarrely priced because a reasonable sized plate was £17 and then a tiny mini bowl (for sauce) was £14.

The service was just half arsed. I’m sorry to say it, but we were given a tile to show how each colour turns out when it is fired but most of the colours weren’t even out. We were given one glass of water to share between us and no pencils to draw with. The lady also told that we had to paint over it three times for the colour to come out. I had never heard that before and it made me question the quality of the paint.

wonderland ceramics

It took us absolutely ages to decide what we wanted to paint, so if you’re thinking of going you should definitely keep some ideas in mind beforehand. In the end I decided to just go where the paint took me. I picked a colour palette of mint greens, pinks and greys.

The paint dries very quickly and dries very matte. Honestly, unless I was counting, there was no real way of knowing how many times I had painted and how many times I needed to go over it. In the end I just hoped for the best.

Something I have learnt about myself is that I have a very very short attention span so I must admit that I did get slightly bored half way through, saying that though, we were there for almost 4 hours. In the end I did kind of actually give up halfway through but I like to think I made it work.

I paid £19 for my plate and an orange juice and we were told to come and pick the items up in a week.

wonderland ceramics plate

wonderland Ceramics studio cafe

What do you think??

One week later….

My friend and I went back a week later and this is what was presented back to me. Lmao. You can see exactly how bad the paint quality is because it just looks like I’ve used cheap felt tips. Mortified.

wonderland ceramics

Would I visit Wonderland Ceramics again? LOL no.

Would I recommend them? No way. There’s plenty of other ceramics cafe’s worth visiting. I’d avoid soz x







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