Woburn Safari Park

Ok so this is cheating slightly as this isn’t exactly in London. But it’s close enough! If i’n perfectly honest it’s not the best safari park near London, but it’s the closest.

I had a wonderful time, but thats down to the company 😉 the safari park however was not amazing. There were the main animals, lions, tigers (only 2), elephants, giraffes etc. However the park seemed a little run down.

It was a very hot sunny day so the animals were lazing about quite a bit, and it was pretty annoying when a safari jeep came and blocked our view of the only two tigers in the park.

I LOVED the giraffes the most. Perhaps because they’re my favourite animal but also because we got to be super close to them. They almost peered into the car!

There was a wonderful elephant show, where Damini the Asian elephant performed a range of tricks which I also loved. I did worry about how they were taught (animal cruelty and all that), but I was assured by my friend that they would care for the elephants and treat them well.

Overall, it was a fun day out but not entirely sure I would visit it again 🙂

Here are some pics from my visit:

Bear Hugs!

Love R x

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