The Week Where I Sobbed In A Theatre

This week has flown by in a blink of an eye! The heat, my goodness the heat is horrendous. I really don’t mind the humidity and warmth in other countries but the UK is not made for it. Our houses are made to keep the warmth in not out! I’ve been struggling so much with what to wear and this Friday, halfway through my work day I had to leave and go buy a change of outfit. Yes I know, only me.

What I’m watching
This week I went to the theatre because my all time favourite book was being shown for a limited season and I just couldn’t miss it. It was worth every penny and if you fancy have a little cry in a room full of people then I thoroughly recommend it! Read my review here.

 Joe Delucci Gelato

What I’m eating and drinking
I tested out Joe Delucci’s thick shakes made from real gelato. They let you pick two flavours and I went for hazelnut and coconut. It was in no way a thick shake (probably because it’s gelato and not ice cream) but I still liked it. To try it yourself, you can find them at a number of different location’s across the UK but in London it’s either in Stratford Westfield or Bluewater.
Fun fact: It’s Joe Delucci gelato that is served in Nando’s!

What I’m lusting after
This week I’m loving cute florals and palm prints. I need them all!

What I’m putting on my face
I feel like the excessive sweating in this heat has made my skin feel like it needs a good detox. After glowing (pun definitely intended!) reviews from fellow blogger friends. I’m a complete convert to this GlamGlow dupe by The Body Shop. Click the image below to shop this product.

What I’m excited about
My pregnant sister had her final scan! This means after a long wait I finally know the sex of the baby! Huzzah! I wanted so badly to throw her a gender reveal party but she’s a party pooper and wanted to know straight away. Since my sister is extremely private (and not on any kind of social media) I will of course respect her privacy and keep it off there too.




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