OOTD: The dog days are over

I’m hoping the dark gloomy days are over. I’m talking both literally and figuratively. This past week has been a tough one. In fact the past two months have been so up and down it’s taking a huge toll on me both mentally and physically. My brain is tired and the cold is hitting me where it hurts.

Still, after 12 hours of solid sleep I’m up and feeling good, and it certainly helps that the sun has made a guest appearance today.
Today I’m wearing my comfort clothes. Everything I’m wearing today makes me happy and is insanely comfortable. If I had to live in an outfit for a whole year, it would probably be this one.

OOTD Oversized jumper converse

OOTD Oversized jumper converse bobble ha

 It’s currently still freezing temperatures here in London so today’s choice of outfit is an oversized jumper (H&M) and denim jeggings (Dorothy Perkins) teamed up with my favourite scarf (H&M) and hat (Topshop).

OOTD Converse

I’m embarrassed to say I have never owned a pair of converse up until last year and I can’t seem to get enough. I’ve finally broken them in, which annoyingly took a lot longer than expected but now they’re ridiculously comfortable.Since I don’t really ever wear heels, it looks like this year they are going to be my new staple footwear.

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