OOTD: Back To Black

In recent weeks, I’ve completely stopped wearing anything remotely smart to work and I’ve just been pulling on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt/jumper. Mostly because it’s just too much effort at the moment to pull together an outfit but also because I’ve been trying to shift this ongoing cold for the past two weeks now and it’s just. not. budging.

Still, this week I wanted a fresh start. My quitting work situation has been put on hold so it’s back to the grind for the moment. I’m not the type to slack off even if I know I’ll be leaving soon so to get myself into full on work mode, I decided to smarten things up a little with my wardrobe.

Nothing beats an all black outfit and even more so when you’re feeling the winter chub forming! Seriously, if you need any kind of motivation to get exercising or down that gym – take some OOTD photos! I took these photos at lunch time and on my way home I power walked for over half an hour for fear that I won’t be fitting into my outfit for much longer!

Whilst organising my wardrobe, which basically just consists of shifting my thinner/summer clothes up onto the rail in the attic and bringing my jumpers down; I found this beautiful skirt from Zara that I found a few years back at Roman Road market. At the time I had been obsessed with trying to find some culottes that didn’t make my butt look even bigger than I think it is and this skirt was my answer. I’m not sure why I never got round to wearing the skirt but it’s the perfect smart casual office skirt. It doesn’t stick out too much, it flows nicely and there’s no bulgy bits in the tummy area. Zara, you did good. I teamed it up with a black turtle neck and think black tights.

My trusty tapestry boots (New Look) have made another re-appearance this year. For me, they are my perfect A/W boot and I’ll be absolutely gutted when they are no longer wearable. Until then I’ll continue to superglue the sole down for as long as possible.


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