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So if you’re a blogger you’ll know the uproar that has been going on in the blogosphere over the past week. I really don’t want to go into the whole Pipdig Saga but I do want to keep you all updated. My final thoughts on it are: 

Damzel In This Dress

Pipdig were aware that bloggers went to them for help because they had no idea about coding. They charged a significant amount of money to then carry out some shady shizz.

The actions of their company don’t align with my personal moral/ethical beliefs so I have made the decision of finding a new theme. 

It’s such a shame really because I loved my layout of my blog and I did spend a significant amount of money/time on it. 

Although I have already backed my blog up I just can’t afford to lose years of hard work. I’ve poured a lot of effort into this small space on the internet.

So for those of you who do frequent my blog, I hope that you like the new look and apologies in advance if there are a few glitches on how smoothly things are running around here. I am trying to work on the site without taking it down, so you might notice things moving around whilst you’re reading.

If you do spot something that isn’t working, for you and in general, please do let me know. I’d also love some feedback on the new look!

I am hoping that regular content will be returning as of today.

Thanks for your patience! 

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