Nakhon Thai Halal Review

Every now and then I get a hankering for a good Thai meal. None of that take away stuff that’s always over seasoned with lemon grass but the real, authentic, made with quality ingredients stuff. Since it was that time of year again I set up an impromptu date with my best friend and after a quick Google search we made our way to Nakhon Thai. 

On the drive there we called up to confirm it’s halal status and the manager confirmed that everything was halal. 

We parked up on a side road (parking isn’t great in the area) and walked to the restaurant. As soon as we turn into Dock Road it was just beautiful. It really is built in a stunning location. Nakhon Thai overlooks the docks, a small man made beach and even the cable cars go over it – it’s perfect.

The restaurant itself is quaint. Lots of trinkets and statues from Thailand adorn it from the outside and follow through inside. I loved that they even have a bird cage with a budgie (I think) inside. The huge glass floor to ceiling windows mean that you can take in the great view whilst enjoying your meal at the restaurant. There is al fresco seating available too. 

The weather was only slightly too windy to be seated outside so we reluctantly moved indoors. I could just imagine enjoying great summer evenings in the outdoor seating area.

The staff were both friendly and attentive from the minute we walked into the door. We were recommended dishes and they were very accommodating with us wanting to add some extra spice to dishes. 

We opted for the following: 

Gai Graprao – Sliced chicken (or beef or prawns), stir-fried in fresh fried basil leaves, chilli, onion, fine bean, red pepper & mushroom.

Pla Nueng Manow – Poached sea bass fillet in a tangy lime & chilli broth.

Egg Fried Rice – Stir-fried with finely chopped vegetables.

The food came in good time and was served up with the typical hospitality of Thai restaurants. 

How did it taste? 

In short – I loved it! Everything had clearly been made fresh with quality ingredients and the flavours were all there without overpowering one another. The seabass was so light and fluffy and they were accommodating with the spice levels that we wanted.

The seabass was soft and flaky and the tangy/chilli flavour complimented it unbelievably well. I would go back solely to eat the fish dish again!
The chicken dish was perfect for someone who likes Thai but also likes to stay safe and opt for flavours that you know and love. I also love that they chop vegetables into the egg fried rice.

Is it expensive? 

I would say the restaurant is in the mid-high range pricing scale. That being said the portion sizes are very reasonable when you consider the pricing.

Would I go again? If the service and food are always this great then they have found themselves a regular customer!

Would I recommend it? Definitely. Even if you’re unsure about Thai food, I would recommend you try somewhere like Nakhon Thai first.

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