My Real Life Friend Unfollowed Me On Instagram

When the mute button was being rolled out across accounts, I’m not going to lie I rejoiced. The idea that I can block people from my feed made me breath a sigh of relief. 

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I love everyone that I follow in different ways but sometimes I don’t want to see endless photos of your children or your amazingly toned body without me feeling awful about myself. It just made life so much easier and manageable.

But then, about a month ago, a good friend of mine unfollowed me. Someone I’ve actually known for a few years now. She didn’t unfollow anyone else from our friends circle (I checked), just me. 

I hadn’t spoken to her in a while so I didn’t feel like I could ask her about it without coming across like a complete creep. It also meant that I couldn’t have done anything to her recently either for her to unfollow me. 

In the end I didn’t message her at all. 

I took some time out to reflect on two things. Firstly, why it had bothered me so much in the first place. It’s only social media after all? 

Having had a real think about this I came to the conclusion that my Instagram is a part of me and my life. Not only is it an extension of myself but it’s my job. Those who follow me and like my photos all support me in a small way that makes a big difference. 

One small tap of your screen on your part could mean the difference between me getting a job/paid or…quite simply, not. 

On some level it felt like she wasn’t supporting me or supportive of my work; although this obviously wasn’t her intention.

The second thing that I thought was that perhaps it actually wasn’t me. Just as I had wanted a mute button because some accounts made me feel shitty, perhaps she felt the same about mine. Since our lives were very different, perhaps she didn’t want to be seeing the way I lived mine. 

We’re planning to meet up again at the end of the month and I’ve decided that I definitely won’t be mentioning the unfollowing. It was an action on account of something within her that clearly prompted her do it. It’s not up to me to confront someone’s demons, especially if she’s taking steps to make herself feel better. Instead I’ve decided to be more graceful and understanding. 

Life moves on and with that so do our interests and what we want from life. My blog and instagram will always be there should she decide to follow me again. If she doesn’t, she’ll always have a friend in me in person.

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3 responses to “My Real Life Friend Unfollowed Me On Instagram”

  1. marie aygat says:

    You know there is few friends of mine that I don’t follow on Insta because I know its only going to be pictures of their dog or their drinking nights or whatever ( I follow them on Facebook and I don’t mind on there as I don’t really use Facebook for my blog) and I just cant be bother by following their accounts that do not fit with my instagram feed ( my Instagram its for my blog and for me to follow other lifestyle bloggers, house interior designers, photography etc.) But they are not bother.

    I am glad you are to meet with your friend and that you did not get offended.

  2. Humaira says:

    It’s tricky when instagram and blogging are your job and while it’s nice to have Real Life friends support you, truth be told I’m super uncomfortable when someone says they’ve read or follow my blog.

    I prefer to keep my blogging life separate but Yes I would be hurt if someone unfollowed me that I knew in Real Life but good for you for being the bigger person.

  3. Rosie says:

    Thank you! I agree, I suppose the whole blogosphere is really touch and go because everyone’s just trying to navigate it best for themselves.

    I think it’s important to also understand as content creators that not everyone gets it.

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