Monthly Round Up May 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve done a catch up post so it’s not a ‘This week I’ve been…” but more a “The past few weeks I’ve been…”. I’ve been really busy with weddings and doing overtime at work but I’m not apologising for the absence. Instead, enjoy a slightly bumper version of weekly my round-up 🙂

What I’ve been buying:
I bought these dainty tassel fan earrings from Accessorize about a month ago to match a maxi dress that had kimono style sleeves. They were so cute and super comfortable that of course, I had to have them in black! Finally managed to track down a pair and I love them! They also come in pink too, if that’s your thing.

Accessorize fan earrings 

Suede Sliders
I wasn’t actually supposed to buy any shoes to be quite honest but I had a full day ahead of me yesterday and within an hour of me leaving my home, I was in agony. I’m not sure if my shoes had shrunk or if my feet have grown but either way I knew I had to get some replacements or I wouldn’t last the rest of the day! Luckily there was a New Look not too far off and I spotted some sliders that I had been lusting after when they were ‘new in’.
The only thing holding me back was wondering how many things I could wear lilac sandals with so last time I gave them a miss. I wished they did them in black and decided I would hunt a black pair down in all the other shops. Anyway by the time I got home that evening, I completely forgot about them. That is, until yesterday when I saw that they had 30% off the lilac pair and by some weird miracle, the universe heard me and right next to them was a black pair! Naturally, I got them both (at a bargain price of just £12.59!) but to be fair, they’re still great at £17.99, especially because they’re real suede.

What I’ve been watching:
*pre-warning: there are spoilers!!*

The Avengers
I almost loved it. I mean it was a great film, no doubt about it but there was A LOT going on, and where they kept chopping and changing to different places it didn’t feel cohesive. Also, let’s talk about the ending. Lol…so I basically didn’t get that they all died in the end. I just thought they were disintegrating and going to a different universe or something. I mean, it’s unrealistic, because Black Panther died too sooo yeah I didn’t get it until everyone was all sad. *shrugs*.

America’s Next Top Model
There was a time, way before Netflix when me and my sister would binge ANTM on Sundays with bowls of popcorn and it was glorious. Recently we got NOW TV and one of the first things to pop up in my recommended shows was the latest season of ANTM. Naturally, my sister and I had to watch it together and be the 5th and 6th judges and Motherrrr (yes I’m doing a bad bad bad impression of Law Roach as I type) were we raging. So spoiler warning again, but wtf was up with the contestants. They were SO entitled and do not even get me started on Jeana. Sorry but once you leave a competition, you do not get to come back. That just defeats the purpose of a competition. Also Khrystyana was shafted and was the real winner.

Can we also bring back the original judges? Loving Drew’s cut throat judging but not feeling the other two as much.

I have a million and one thoughts and opinions on Zeitgeist and so I won’t go into it here. What I will say is that it’s on Netflix and you should most definitely watch it and then DM me to discuss.

Conspiracy theorists unite!

What I’m reading: 
Becoming by Laura Jane Williams
I’ve been following LJ for a long long time now. Through the eyes of social media and what she allows us to see via her social platforms, I’ve watched her grow and blossom into an incredibly successful woman. She makes me all kinds of proud. I bought Becoming way back when it was first released but I fell out of love with reading on the tube and so it gathered some digital dust. This month I re-downloaded the Kindle app and have got stuck straight. Her words are so beautifully raw. I’m only half way through her memoir but I’ll keep you posted on what I thought once I’m done.


What I’m laughing at:

What I’m eating & drinking:

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bite – This vegan, veggie, raw and gluten-free is my guilt free pleasure at the moment. If you love coconut and chocolate but find bounty bars slightly stodgy then these are definitely for you. They have a lovely creamy texture with a slight chew from the desiccated coconut and really really addictive.

What else:
Ramadan is in a matter of days. I’m looking forward to it but I also remember pretty clearly how hard it was for me last year. I love eating so it’s a real test of willpower for me. Wishing you all a month of peace and prosperity!


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