Maison Bab Halal Review

Sometimes I think to myself, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it; and then something like Maison Bab comes along and I’m left questioning why someone didn’t do this earlier. To be fair it’s sister restaurant Le Bab has been creating smart twists on kebabs for a few years but it wasn’t halal for a while so I never visited. 

As of 2017 though, both the chicken and lamb is halal certified and honestly it would be a crime not to go and see what the fuss is all about. 

Maison Bab is located in the heart of Covent Garden on Mercer walk (near the TK Maxx and big H&M). 

As soon as you walk into Maison Bab, you’re immediately confronted by a large open kitchen. Generally I’m not a fan of open kitchens in restaurants because it just makes everything grimey but this seemed different. Everything looked sparkling clean.

maison bab halal

Those dining alone or in pairs can sit at the counter and watch all the meat being carved and the bread being freshly baked. Your olfactory senses are in for a treat! As you look over to the left there are marble top tables and plush emerald green booths. It’s all very ‘instagrammable’. Most diners eat in this room, which is honestly brighter and more airy than you might expect given the location of Maison Bab. 

As I went downstairs to the loos, I noticed that there was a more eclectic room available. It had similar furniture as upstairs but also a replica facade of a high street kebab shop. It’s very strange but I liked it. 

Since the days are still sunny, we decided to sit outside where there are a few black and white (still instagrammable!) picnic benches.

Whats the food like then?

We decided on the “Fried Chicken” Shish Kebab – BBQ’d shish kebab of free range chicken, with southern fried chicken crackling, red cabbage slaw and Kashmiri chilli mayo.  We also ordered Double cooked Fries and added Fondue – Le Bab’s signature fondue sauce, to dip or pour

The waiter brought the food over and said “this is a kebab guys so forget about the cutlery, wrap it up and use your hands! 

The food looked incredible, the shish kebab is served open in freshly baked thin naan. 

Ok but how did it taste? 

It was amazing, I did smother it in the chilli sauce that was provided on the table too because that’s how I like it but apart from (lack of) spice levels, everything about the shish kebab was perfect. The flavours, textures and even the fact that it wasn’t dripping in grease made me super happy. 

The fries are hand cut and double cooked so naturally they tasted yummy. We also ordered Fondue with the fries. Who doesn’t love cheesy chips, am I right?

Whats the pricing like? 

It’s a fancy kebab shop so expect higher than usual prices. The portions aren’t too tiny though so it didn’t feel like we were being cheated. It’s London so you can’t really expect anything less.

Would I recommend it? Definitely, it’s the perfect place to get your grub when in central. 

Would I go again? 100%. I’d love to try Le Bab next but finding a time when Kingly Court isn’t heaving will be the biggest struggle!

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