Happy 2020!

Good morning! Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! Whew! 

What a year 2019 was. Looking back on it, I had more ups than downs (which is always welcome!) and it truly was a year of personal growth. I feel more like “me” than I ever have and I cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for me. 

Damzel In This Dress

My 2020 Mantra’s

I’m living by two quotes this year

  1. Rejection is redirection
  2. Don’t wait for special occasions, being alive is enough. Book it. 

I’m going to try my hardest to overcome my fear of failure and really throw myself into new things and new situations this year. I also want to continue making new memories by doing all the things I have wanted to do.

Each year I also like to set my intentions and write up my goals so that I can see them and feel more accountable. I want them to be realistic and achievable but most importantly to make my feel good. 
So these are my current goals that I’m working towards:

Blog more consistently

One of my goals this year is to get back into blogging properly. Instagram kind of took over last year but I’ve decided to come back and kick start it all again. I LOVE having a creative outlet and it was so nice to see that even though I didn’t update it very often last year, new readers still found my corner of the web and read it. You might have also noticed that I’ve spruced things up a bit round here. Personally I LOVE the new look. I haven’t finished it just yet but so far it’s exactly what I wanted. Apologies for any small glitches that you might come across, I’m slowly working my way on revamping the entire site.

Business goals 

Ok so for as long as I can remember I’ve had some sort of ‘side hustle’. I’ve always loved the focus and adrenaline it gives me despite how much of my energy it consumes. When I began to seriously monetise Damzel In This Dress last year, it was so exciting but also pretty intense. Paid social media work requires A LOT of patience, especially when it comes to things like having to chase invoices. In all honestly, it took the fun out of it. Although I will continue to make money from it (full disclosure!) I want to pour my energy into something that I can call my own without having PR’s constantly bombarding my emails. I’m still in the early stages of figuring it all out but watch this space!

Mental Health goals 

As I said before, last year was an incredible year for me in terms of personal growth. I’m so much happier as a person and I want that to continue into the decade. As a person I want to be more positive, self assured and confident. Still trying to figure out how you actually work on your confidence though. If you have any tips, let me know!

Exercise My Brain

This year I also want to take up more of my interests and just be learning more. Keeping your brain active is just as important as keeping active physically. 

Other things that I want to do:

  1. Continue to give back and do charitable things
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Make time for those who matter

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