Complicite – The Encounter

If you’re a fan of out of the box theatre shows then I have some exciting news for you! Complicité’s award-winning show The Encounter is being streamed for free. They have adapted their show so that it can be streamed and experienced from the comfort of your very own home.

What is it?

Complicite combined traditional story-telling with cutting-edge technology to create their incredible show. Ordinarily everyone in the audience is given a pair of headphones and Complicite founder and solo performer Simon McBurney explains the effects of binaural technology (i.e. the mechanics of hearing). If you went to Darkfield you will have experienced this already (and know just how great it is).

The experience is based on the true experience of National Geographic photographer Loren McIntyre, as recorded in Petru Popescu’s novel Amazon Beaming, the piece describes McIntyre’s journey through the Brazilian jungle. He was there to photograph the Mayoruna tribe, but, after losing his way, he had no choice but to live among the tribe. A brief encounter suddenly becomes a cultural immersion and subsequently McIntyre’s journey explores the limits of communication. 

As with the theatre experience, when watching from home you will need to wear headphones to experience the binaural sound design and fully appreciate the production. The better your headphones the better the experience will be.

When can I watch this?

You can watch The Encounter on Complicité’s website and YouTube channel from 15 – 22 May.

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