Biscuiteers DIY Icing Cafe Review

Today was date day! Since being an adult means it’s SO difficult to meet up with friends, my best friend and I meet every second Sunday of every month. Anything else within the month is a bonus! We decided to start 2020 with something we’ve wanted to do for ages – The Biscuiteers DIY Icing Cafe!

Biscuiteers Icing cafe review

What is it?

Biscuiteers is a beautiful boutique cafe in Notting Hill that sells stunning iced biscuits (and cakes!). It is absolutely impossible to walk through the shop without gasping at how beautifully decorated everything is. There literally is a biscuit for every occasion/season/person.

Biscuiteers Icing cafe review

How does it work?

Once we let them know we were here for our 1pm booking, the staff took us over to a little nook which had a cake stand full of biscuits and a bowl of coloured piping bags. It all looked very exciting!

Biscuiteers Icing cafe review
Biscuiteers Icing cafe review

We were allowed to pick any 3 biscuits to ice from the stand (pictured above) for our booking. You can ice more but you’ll be charged extra at the end (£5 per extra biscuit). Some of them were a little bit hard to decipher but most of them are easy enough to guess. I decided on a butterfly, unicorn and a heart. Obvz.

They also left us a menu where we could order some drinks and cakes. We decided to skip the cakes and go with lemonade.

Once we had ordered, someone came over and showed us the best way to squeeze the piping bag to get the icing out perfectly. After this 5 second demo, you’re pretty much left to your own devices.

If I’m perfectly honest, it is A LOT harder than it looks. You’re encouraged to go and look at some of the existing biscuits in the cafe for inspiration but honestly it’s an art. My hands are really shaky on a normal day so this took a lot of concentration! I would have liked it if they had some basic patterns or instructions that you could follow for those of us who are not great with making things up on the spot. I would have also liked some napkins and a palette knife to help spread some of the icing better.
I don’t think I’m being fussy, it’s just things that I would have assumed would be available anyway.

Biscuiteers DIY Icing Cafe Review

Given that it was my first go ever at icing biscuits, I wasn’t too disappointed at my attempt!

Once we were happy with our biscuits, they were ready for the oven! You get to pick your favourite biscuit to be put into a special Biscuiteers gift box and the others are wrapped in cellophane.

Overall, I think it’s a really nice activity to do for all ages. For £18 you can ice 3 biscuits and it’s £5 for any additional biscuit after that, which isn’t too bad. The cafe is very small though so it’s absolutely essential to book in advance.

Would I recommend it? I think yes, it’s one for the London bucket list.

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