Battersea Light Festival Review

Today I was in Battersea for dinner and thought it would be a great opportunity to go and check out the Battersea Lights Festival. 

I didn’t do too much research but I did hear on the grapevine that there were going to be interactive LED heads that would should loads of different emotions.

It turns out there are only 4 installations:

Action Reaction 2.0 by Sjimme Veenhuis – a large screen featuring a thousand buttons that light up after being pressed, so you’re able to create a coloured pattern either on your own or with other people.

Talking Heads by Viktor Vicsek – around 4000 LEDs create different facial expressions on two heads, which are also able to react to each other.

Eternal Sundown by Mads Vegas – this series of filtered fluorescent tubes moves across a spectrum of colour that mimics the change from sunset to dawn to remind us that sunlight is always on the way.

This It Is, Be Here Now by Tropism Art & Science Collective – the interactive neon sign reading ‘This It Is, Be Here Now’ flashes and crackles to draw you in and make you come closer.

In short, they were disappointing. It wasn’t really a “lights festival” and one of them being just neon signs just felt…disappointing. If I had travelled solely for the purpose of viewing these lights I would have been pretty annoyed.

The interactive heads didn’t really interact with each other nor did they show different emotions. We stood there for ages trying to see it but it just flashes. The only installation that I did enjoy was Eternal Sundown. It makes the river bank look prettier and they should consider adopting it permanently.

The lights are free to take a look at so I guess there’s only your travel fare to lose.

Would I recommend it? No lol. Even if you’re in the area, it’s not even worth going to see it then. I think they tried but it feels like a half arsed attempted and wasn’t really thought out. 

If you too want to be underwhelmed then the lights are on from:
Weds 8th January – Sun 16th February 2020
Circus Rd W, Battersea, London SW11 8AH

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